Gateway 2

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Gateway 2Gateway 2Gateway 2, the sequel to the very successful Room Escape game Gateway created by Anders Gustafsson was just released yesterday!

Use your mouse to move your robot and interact with the environment.

Once again, the game includes very nice pseudo 3D animations and a few simple puzzles. And once again, the final result is a very stylish and polished game, easy to play and not so difficult.

Highly recommended for a 15 minute break!

Have fun!

Gateway 2 walkthrough!

By Eric

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  1. Eric says:

    Gateway 2 walkthrough

    First Video Tape

    Second Video Tape


    Third Video Tape


    Fourth Video Tape




  2. DaDewd says:

    It was great! when the eyes popped up, i did get sort of startled, but it’s still a great game. I never would’ve gotten it without the tutorial, eric. How do you always get all of the info and almost always have perfect walkthroughs?

    • Karina says:

      Its was really great! It was kinda creepy though that randome girl looking at you. But in the end I was just like ahhhhhhhh. I was stuck at some point so the walkthourgh REALLY help! Thx <3

  3. Stripes says:

    Something seems to be bugging. I’ll put it under spoiler just to be safe.


  4. Eric says:

    Stripes – once open, the door remains open. It sounds weird…

  5. kellco says:

    im stuck on the second tape gone down that path clicked all around and cant find the tape anywhere can any1 help plz

    • monk says:

      go to the end and back then walk all the way to the end in 1 click yellow floor will appear ifall the floor is lighted up video tape will appear on floor

  6. Stripes says:

    Allright, I restarted the game and it worked.

  7. pola says:

    im stuck in the tape 1, i click on the tv and doesn’t load :(

  8. Duck says:

    Help anyone.. I have reloaded the game like 10 times.. I get watch the second tape, turn on and off the light 3 times, get the return light, scribble on the note pad, but only get 4 numbers.. I have entered them repeatedly and nothing. What is the phone number to call. Please help

  9. Duck says:

    All I get is 3454.. and only a small part of the paper you can scribble on.. any ideas. I have checked all the walkthroughs and nothing.

  10. kirsty says:

    duck u have to scribble on the hole bottom bit of the paper so it all black thats how u get number

  11. Jerry says:

    anyone know the phone number for the third video?

  12. Brant says:

    I’m also stuck with tape 1. How do you plug in tape or watch the T.V.? Where do you plug in the wire? I click watch T.V. and then everything freezes!

  13. Giga says:

    1st tape….tv freezes….where do u plug the wire ?!

  14. A says:

    everytime i click on the tv in the first level it doesnt load and will some one please tell me where i can put the first video

  15. b says:

    “… insert the video…push play/transfer/eject buttons…” ok, but where the hell are these?!?! u can pick up the cable, but can’t plug it anywhere….u can click the tv, but no buttons at all… only button so long is the one for the bathroom. help!!!

  16. b says:

    hmmmpf..donnow why but suddenly clicking the tv worked. no need to plug the wire.

  17. David says:

    How did you know about the sums which have to be forced at the fourth video tape?

  18. A says:

    i try to insert the first video but its telling me that it doesnt seem to work please help me

  19. choppa says:

    the code on the note pad is 86763454 but im stuck on the sprinkler i put the lighter on it and it sets it of but when i come bak after going past it it tells me to get the mirror and reflect it on the water of the sprinkler and u have to make the right colours and i cant get the right ones so plz tell me where to stand to get the right colours

  20. encinoman2479 says:

    below the light choppa

  21. Jenna says:


  22. ghostyfire says:

    its a great game and a sad one to!:'( the hole tape thing comes in order whean you press the numbers on the girl bot at the end its SOO sad :'( and nice music to and sad at the end…..!

  23. butterbean says:

    great game and it made me jump when the eyes popped out kinda hard without the walkthrough :D :D

  24. h4x0r says:

    choppa- to get the alarm colors, just click the up arrow continuously until you get the right one, all the colors are available

    Jenna- I don’t know what trouble you are having, but after you get into the room and pick up the tape, open the fridge door, then you have to walk around it and hide in its shadow. The eyes should go away after blinking with increasing rapidity and then the door should open. Then turn off the alarm after using the mirror with the sprinkler while you stand under the light to get the color combination. Any other problems just leave a post! It all worked for me!

  25. Shinobi says:

    beating the game should be easy with this guide…but for tape three make sure u…

    these were just the steps for tape 3 done specificly.
    anyways thx for the guide, lol i was also stuck on tape 3 when i couldnt find the phone numbers >.

  26. Orin says:

    Good game, Gave me a fright when the eyes appeared though hah.

  27. Ryan says:

    Now i know how he figured the numbers for the robot,the numbers over the left door are the numbers!

  28. poopoy says:

    how do i get the tape without the eyes looking at me?

  29. Jester says:

    what do you do after you call the number?

  30. Jadeskins says:

    Any tricks for making the pathway all black?

  31. ania says:

    to black the pathway walk it trough to end and then start blacking the red tiles till it gets all dark. You’ll have to work rather on the end closer to the door.

  32. Calvin says:

    where do we put the a wire after u get the first tape???

  33. Emily says:

    u dont gotta plug it in it just plays

  34. Emily says:

    does anyone know EXACTLY what happens after u type the numbers in the robot girl’s chest? does she just get up and leave? i didn’t get to see the en. just wanted to make sure i didn’t miss anything important. thanks

  35. Emily says:

    Ania: Show

  36. Alex says:

    when i click on the TV after the eye and getting the 1st tape the game doesn’t load, am i doing anything wrong?

  37. Connor says:

    The ending Show

  38. Tom says:

    I’m working on the fourth tape Show

  39. Tom says:

    Never mind that last comment…i figured it out soon enough

  40. CHezza00 says:

    what is a possible combination for the student equally 163

  41. Paulo Wanchope says:

    Excellently put together game, but it was veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy easy. I completed it in under 15 minutes. I only looked at the spoiler (And hence discovered this comment page) As I am colour blind so could not physically do the sprinkler puzzle. It is so straight forward but heres a few pointers.

    1: You plug the lead in @ the end into another robot, don’t waste time trying to find somewhere else to plug it

    2: Once you have watched all 9 clips, rearrange them into there natural running order, this is the code to finish the game

    3: Be a little patient, all the puzzles are simple if you apply a little basic common sense.

  42. InFerNo says:

    I am stuck with the number on the paper you scribble on, i scribbled on it then typed the number on phone no one answers, any place to go?

  43. InFerNo says:

    HAHA i beat this game ;D

  44. Nick says:

    Great game… loved it :)… music @ the end is great too :)

  45. peezy says:


  46. Beryl says:

    YOu need to talk to the monkey. He hen gives you the key for the fifth door. It took me ages to work it out. Also, the stick man will go away if you leave the tomato from the third door by his foot.

  47. tom says:

    what do u do on the last tape i looked through the microscope and she pulled it 3 times wat is the phonenumber sum1 plzzzzzzz tell me

  48. Norway kid says:

    i have problems whit the eyes i got tape 3 but the eyes will not go away.
    i need help

  49. xtala says:

    Tom- you have to keep using the light untill you see another small white light in the window, then it’s you’ll hear the phone dial

  50. Courtney says: