Chocolatier – Decadence by Design

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Travel the globe in search of flavorful and exotic ingredients you can use to customize your very own chocolate creations.

Earn spaces in the official recipe book for inventions you create in your Secret Test Kitchen.

You’ll maximize profits by designing and marketing your own recipes and launching an entirely new line of products – Gourmet Coffees and Coffee Blends!

Strive to become CEO of your personal chocolate empire while you help Alex, whose husband, Sean, has not been seen since the end of the war.

While Alex embarks on a world-wide search for clues to Sean’s whereabouts, you’ll have Post-World War II technology at your fingertips, along with the opportunity to discover that the best chocolates in the world are the ones you create!

  • For the first time ever, you have complete control over the ingredients, look, description, and names of your customized recipes.
  • How you customize your chocolates has an economic impact on your success.
  • Economic sim focused on mouth-watering chocolate.
  • Latest installment of the award-winning Chocolatier franchise.
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72 Comments to Chocolatier – Decadence by Design

  1. Melinda says:

    I need help I have recieved a request for some coffee I invented and for Expresso Wild Strawberry I don’t have the recipe Where is it? how can I find it is it coffee , truffle, or infusion? Help

  2. Lynne says:

    I can’t seem to find the ingredient Honduran cacao in any of my locations. Does anyone know where it is? I’m stuck till I find it.

  3. Jen says:

    Where do i get Honduran cacao???

  4. Lisa says:

    Hahaha! You find Honduran cacao in Honduras. You have to find Sean first, though

  5. Lollipop says:

    Your inventions are in the creations tab

  6. Choco fan says:

    I need a recipe for Tropical Tea Truffles. WHere the heck is it? I only have one spot left in my creations page so i don’t think it comes from there and my truffles page is full. What gives?

  7. Lisa says:

    How do you find Sean?

  8. sarah says:

    does anyone know where i can find honduran cacao?? its the only task i need ro complete-making blended varietal truffles before my mission to own the shop in havana is complete…i don’t know where to find sean…

  9. Julie says:

    I’m having trouble with the Endorsement of Felix task. I have made all but 2 of the coffee recipes, created 2 coffees of my own, delivered the 100 creations and 100 other coffees to Zacharias but I still haven’t been able to get Felix’s endorsement or my first shop yet. My quest log says I have made the 5 coffee recipes but I still can’t get my first shop. Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  10. Maria says:

    I too am having trouble with the honduran cocoa. How do you find Sean?

  11. Katie says:

    How do I find Doulan cacao???? It’s not in Doula I’m pretty sure!

  12. Katie says:

    How does anyone afford the Cheyyene Peppers from Doula??? Haggling doesn’t work with her!

  13. linda says:

    check your creation tag for your recipe. the doulan cocao is at the house on the hill. there are also chyenne peppers in Wellington.

  14. David says:

    where I can find doulan cacao??

  15. David says:

    How I can do to own a shop?

  16. meshia says:

    does anyone know where to find the sesame seeds please!

  17. Maura says:

    I too am having trouble with the honduran cocoa. How do you find Sean?

  18. KitKat says:

    Sesame seeds appear in Tangiers.

    You can buy Doualan cacao in Douala. There is a hill on the left with a house on it. Click there.

  19. KitKat says:

    – you have to invent 11 your own recipes,
    – Alex will find you in your travels, she’ll give you a task and open a port on Falkland islands,
    – after completing the task you’ll get an open passage to Xurantunich, Honduras,
    – when in Honduras you’ll need to have 1 million $, there you’ll find Sean and Honduran cacao.

  20. Carol says:

    I know in order to find Honduran cocoa I need to find Sean and invent 11 of my own recipes.
    How can I get spaces to invent my own recipes, I currently have 5 spaces and have created 5 recipes so far.
    I have everything unlocked except for Baghdad, I have 22 millions $ so far and I am stuck, can anyone help?

  21. KitKat says:

    You need to visit ALL the ports and click on EVERY building so that you can meet people and accomplish tasks.
    Spaces for your own creations are approved by the Board of Directors. I would suggest that you pay them a visit.
    Members of Board of Directors: Joseph Tangye – Toronto, Felix Baumeister – Cape Town, Whitney Baumeister – Wellington, Dieter Baumeister – Tokyo, Evangeline Baumeister – San Francisco, Alex Fletcher.

    Sorry for my bad English, I’m foreign.

  22. ashley says:

    PLEASE help!
    I am to the point where i have to deliver 100 boxes of 3 kinds of truffles, and my own latest creations. The quest is called “Cuban Retail”. I’m pretty far in the game.
    Well i cannot do this! I have NO money at all, unless i sell my truffles. But i cant make any truffles to begin with, because i have no money! The ingredients are expensive, and i cant aford them unless i sell all the ones i was making. But then im trapped in an endless circle!
    can anbody HELP me?
    how did you get through this part of the game?
    PLEASE! i really want to play this to the end but i cant get any farther!! ugh!!
    thanks everyone!!!!

  23. KitKat says:

    The same thing happened to me once. I was at the very end of the game, when I had to make 200 cases of my inventions. I erased my username, created a new one and started all over again. :(

    I would suggest that you sell everything and start making other, less expensive chocolates. You should sell them in your own shops (you get more money there) and when you make enough money, start working on truffles again. Good luck!

    • DJ says:

      Can someone help me with the Cuban retail part of the game. I am going to take your advice on making less expensive chocolate to keep the money rolling in, but everytime I have 100 of a particular truffle made it is like my inventory is disappearing. How am I to complete this when my inventory disappears?

  24. ashley says:

    Thanks KitKat!
    Now i got farther…i’ve almost beat it! lol.
    I dont know how i did it but it worked.
    My next quest is to have 3mil.
    I basically know how to do it but do you have any tips or methods as to get lots of money? bet u here that a lot, lol :)

  25. kat says:

    where can i find doulan cacao?

  26. razein says:

    i already visit all the ports and the CEO except Alex. Why i can’t find her anywhere. Now i’m stuck. I want to finish this game as i don’t have enough creations. I just have 9 and 3 more to go. Please help me!

  27. KitKat says:

    You probably got those $ 3 million by now. I don’t have any special tips or tricks, just making chocolate and selling them. Completing special orders helps, too.

    Doualan cacao can be found in Douala. There is a hill and a house/farm in the upper left corner. It says Ndawara Plantation. You can purchase Doualan cacao there.

    I don’t understand, where exactly are you stuck. What is the name of the quest you are currently working on?
    Alex usually finds you in your travels, you just need to be patient. The only thing I can advise you is to click on every building in every port, talking to people and completing tasks.

  28. KitKat says:

    I think I know, where you’re stuck. You have accomplished all the endorsements, right?
    You have to make and sell everyone of your inventions, Alex will then find you in your travels. It may take a while, be patient. She will give you aditional 2 spaces in your recipe book. She will also give you a task to fulfill and open up a port on Falkland islands. You will have to make 25 cases each of Special Reserve 66% African Cacao, Breakfast Blend, Blended Cacao Dark Chocolate Infusion, Specialty Cacao Espresso Truffle, Cafe Caribe and Blended Cacao Deep Chocolate w/Cashews. After completing the task a port in Honduras will be opened – there you will found Sean and Honduran cacao. You will have to be patient for that one, too.

  29. Kaylee Lewis says:

    help! i cant find special reserve 66% special cacao beans!!

  30. KitKat says:

    Kaylee Lewis:
    Special Reserve 66% African Cacao is a recipe for a chocolate bar, not type of beans. You can find the recipe in your recipe book in “bars” section (bottom, right side).

  31. i love this game! says:

    im stuck!! someone help me im supposed to get 5 coffee recepies and own a shop! what do i do now

  32. Anthony says:

    I am pretty good at this game and now I am stuck trying to find cameroon chocolate so I can buy the shop in Havana but I cant’t seem to find it can someone please help

  33. KitKat says:

    You’re not stuck. :)
    Travel around, stop in every port, click on every building, talk to all the people you meet. Some will ask you for a favor and then reward you with a new recipe, some will sell you a recipe.
    Every time you get new recipe, go to factory and manufacture it. Every time you get a new space in your recipe book, go to Reykjavik and invent your own recipe and, of course, manufacture it as soon as you can.
    Your first shop will be in Tangiers. As soon as you fulfil all the orders from Zachariah Tangye, the shop will be yours.

  34. KitKat says:

    There is no cameroon chocolate. Douala is a port in Cameroon, where you can find Doualan cacao, so I guess you have to make chocolates with Doualan cacao. What is the exact name of the chocolate you have to make?

  35. deena says:

    how do you invest in your own private jet?

  36. Anthony says:

    Yeah I finally got that thanks

  37. KitKat says:

    Alex’s assistant Rick will contact you in your travels and offer you a private jet. You will need to have $500.000.

  38. belinda says:

    i am stuck i have to bring 100 cases of the special reserve 66% african ccacao to tangiers. it says i need doualan cacao, where do i find this i have been everywhere. also colombian coffee bean, where is it located.

  39. belinda says:

    ok i got past that now i need to find peruvian cacao & i cannot find it anywhere. any help?

  40. KitKat says:

    Peruvian cacao can be found in Lima, Peru. It takes some tome before Alex will open up that port.

  41. Mika says:

    i seriously have no idea where to find special reserve 66% african cacao for tangiers. where do i find them? also columbian coffee. ive been going around circles. please help!

  42. KitKat says:

    Special Reserve 66% African Cacao is a recipe for a chocolate bar, not type of beans. You can find the recipe in your recipe book in “bars” section (bottom, right side). You will need Doualan cacao, which can be found in Douala on Ndawara Plantation.
    Colombian coffee can be found in Colombia, (go figure!), capital of Colombia is Bogota. Colombia coffee can be found in Bogota on Foothills Plantation.

  43. Alex says:

    where can i found colombian cacao?
    please help, i’m stuck

  44. KitKat says:

    Colombian cacao can be found in Bogota, Colombia. You can purchase it on Foothills Plantation.
    Bogota gets unlocked for a certain amount of money by Kenji Watanabe from Imperial Palace, Tokyo

    (Why do I seem to think, that nobody here knows even a bit of geography…)

  45. John says:

    when I am trying to complete the order to make 400 cases of truffles (100 of my own invention) 3 x 100 cases of other varieties, the chocolates I have already made and are in my inventory begin to DISAPPEAR. Why is this happening? Is this because I have offended someone by not completing a job for them? Please help :)

  46. KitKat says:

    Your truffles are deteriorating in storage – they go bad, so they disappear. Apparently you don’t make them fast enough. I would suggest:
    – readjusting your factory to make more truffles in one week,
    – while your factory makes one batch of truffles, you travel around and buy the ingredients for the next batch.
    Good luck!

  47. xiaoyunz says:

    i cannot seemed to find any quests?!i finished creatin n sellin all my coffee n i juz cnt seem 2 move on.i wok around tokin 2 everyone bt dere are no quests at all n none of hdme seem 2 b progressin.HELP!

  48. KitKat says:

    Go to your Cape Town factory and speak to Felix Baumeister. He can unlock Tokyo, where you’ll be making infusions.
    If this doesn’t help, come back here. :)

  49. Di says:

    Doulan cacao is in Show

  50. Di says:

    To get Felix’s endorsement you have to Show