Poppable Cascade

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Poppable Cascade is a Physics-based Puzzle game created by Paul Woolley and Gavin Watkins.

Your goal is to click groups of 3 or more matching balls to pop them and then clear each level in a limited time.

To do so, use your mouse to click any ball in the game window.

Poppable Cascade is an interesting mix of physics and match 3 puzzle game. Be warned, you’ll need a bit of luck to complete the 20 levels!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.32


3 Comments to Poppable Cascade

  1. sssone says:

    nice level game, got up to level 20 reasonably easy, but this ones just too hard.

  2. Andy says:

    Eric – there’s a typo in the title screen of the game page (“Physcis Puzzle Games”).
    Edit: fixed, thanks!

  3. volleyballchick says:

    my walkthrough; feel free to aaaaadddd ooooonnnn!!!!!

    Level 1 (Click a group of 3 or more matching balls to pop them)

    Level 2 (Balls come in many sizes)

    Level 3 (Click a bubble to pop it)

    Level 4 (Score more with less clicks)

    Level 5 (Some things take time to settle)

    Level 6 (MultiBall counts as every colour)

    adding more later, see you!xD