Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

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Emma’s soul is free. But her ghost has delivered a dire warning: evil still lurks in Ravenhearst Manor.

Big Fish Games Studios takes you deep inside the cursed estate in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst, the thrilling sequel.

Experience Ravenhearst’s spectral halls as never before with new immersive adventure-style gameplay and an epic original soundtrack.
Feel the floorboards creak as you move from room to room solving puzzles and seeking out clues in over 150 detailed scenes.

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198 Comments to Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

  1. Filip says:

    the riddle with the stove is in connection with the puzzle near the toy store, or the school (sorry i can’t remember correct ) there’s an old blue door, like for a bomb shelter,or a place for evacuation, and there’s circles in which you can see some parts of an machine, and old photos (old and young lady), and also there’s is a number 550 and TWO ARROWS. “550” is a mark for Celsius degrees, so you’ll have to turn the handles on the stove,so that the temperature gets 550 degrees, and you’ll remember the combination of lighted circles, that combination you’ll use with the “basement door”.
    Hope you’ll understand me guys, cause this is the clue, trust me

  2. Filip says:

    The well rope, you can get it unstuck with THE LONG STICK, but first you’ll have to go at the bottom of the well, where you’ll see the wooden bucket tied with a rope,then you’ll use the stick to move the bucket,after that go back at the entrance of the house and turn the handle of the well

  3. peggy says:

    i am having trouble with the fuse box.

  4. roman says:

    where is the matches for me to light the kindling in the room at the bottom of the well

  5. krys says:

    How to get the bucket from the rope and put the lights in room inside the well please help?

  6. krys says:

    FLIP: is this the well at the very beginning of the game or is their another one?

  7. Abby says:

    I am stuck on the puzzle opening the school house cellar. No idea how to solve it. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance for your help!

  8. Alessa says:

    How i solve the skelet of the door and were i find the sun??? pleaseeee

  9. Medmelody says:

    Can someone please help I have been stuck on the puzzle with the lights to make the phone work for two days. I cant move forward till I solve it grrrr. Tryed every direction combo I can think of Please Help Thank you ….

  10. Shelley says:

    As for the phone lights, you have to start from the left side and go down and around. Just make sure you don’t light one that is connected to another that is already lit or it will go dead. It took me a few tries, but I finally got them all lit green.

    The sun is located in the cemetary outside of the house. It’s by the big tree on the right and you have to cut away some shrubbery with hedge clippers to get at the puzzle you have to solve to get the sun.

    As for the bugs, try spraying anyway, perhaps it is a glitch in the game…

    NOW…can anyone help me? I had the oven mit, somehow it disappeared and I cannot do anything with the stove in the toy shop and I can’t seem to progress any further in the game…WTF?

  11. gaila says:

    Could someone please help me find the knife? I know it needs to be sharpened on the milstone, but can’t locate it.

  12. Sharon says:

    Shelley-I had the same problem with the stick…I had it, I did not use it…but it is not in my inventory anymore…strange…so now I am completely clueless…if u figure out what to do about your oven mit, let me know!

  13. Preksha says:

    Someone plz help me….i have just managed to escape from the theatre…its been 3days but im not able to figure out what to do next….plz help

  14. Steve says:

    Knife is in the bucket in the well

  15. Cherle says:

    Help plz i have the keys for the typewriter but when i type in the name nothing happens is there a letter x to find and when i hit caps to capitalize the v i get a %

  16. Becca says:

    Help! i can’t find the typewriter ‘R’ key. i’ve looked everywhere!

  17. Adrienne says:

    Ok, I’m trying to decifer the clues for the elevator controls. Someone PLEASE help me on this one.

  18. Becca says:


  19. katie says:

    someone please tell me how to get the rope in the well unstuck..i cannot figur it out

  20. sofia says:

    I am one of those that can’t get all the lights lit for the phone repair. Help, everytime I think I am close, it goes dead. Is there a special order or is it random

  21. Jackie W says:

    Help I am stuck on the sun and moon puzzle?? please help me?

  22. Misty says:

    What is the number value of the club?

  23. Jujut Mulder says:

    I can.t find where the eyes have to go, please help!

  24. Robbie says:

    cant figure out book arrangement in victors library mcf ravenhurst return……..luv the game………

  25. Kat says:

    I’ve been stuck with the light box for 2 days now, help…..I can’t find the way and am stuck and can’t pass this one.

  26. joe says:

    Robbie, the book arrangement is in the letter on the wall in victors room

  27. joe says:

    Robbie, sorry I was mistaken. Watch the movie to see how the books are arranged

  28. Lauren says:

    helloo. where are the matches to lite up the room because im stuck on that part and looking for ages alsoo in the elevator i cant find the key for the skull does anybody know where it is ? if you help me it will be alot of help thanks x

  29. modio says:

    where do u get the key to open the gate in the beginning?

  30. Jane says:

    please help me ,i don`t know how to get the bucket from the rope and put the lights in the room inside the well….please i need help!!!!!!!!!!

  31. joyce says:

    hi can anyone plz tell me were the matches are plz to light the room

  32. Pokey says:

    I’m like modio, I’m stumped at the very beginning trying to get the gate to open. Where is the key and in what sequence do I plug the phone cords into the lock box?


  33. ghizoo says:

    hi everybody help i m stuck in the library how can i get out ?

  34. ghizoo says:

    even if i did the book arrangement like is shown in movie but it doesn t work i don t know what to do next? plz help

  35. hana says:

    im stucked on the peacock puzzle. anybody have ideas?? please…

  36. yo says:

    What do i type on the typewriter, im so lost.

  37. Vivienne Constance says:

    Help! I’ve got the bug repellant but cannot find the bugs on the telephone. What am I doing wrong and how do I get the telephone connected. Please someone help me, I’m going mad

  38. lisa says:

    Can anyone tell me where to find the oven mitt for the stove in the toys for brats?

  39. April says:

    how does this work I need help connecting the lights on the phone I checked several places trying to get answers

  40. Carolyn Reddin says:

    I can’t get a dial tone on the phone so I can enter the number

  41. JlGuest says:

    phone lights…

    Hope this helps! =]

  42. fran mead says:

    i have now found the pendant with the ruby jewel can anyone help as to were it goes please.

  43. Angie says:

    How do u get the rope unstuck

  44. Steph says:

    Hey, I have gotten into the cottage again while Victor is out…..I really need help trying to figure out how to open the door on the first level of the cottage…you know, the one with the little skull keys. if anyone knows how to do it, please let me know!!

  45. Maddy says:

    Help! Please! How do i light the things in the dark room in the bottom of the well???

  46. Sarah says:

    Some people seem stuck with the fire in the childs toy building. It’s not a mit you need as you used this to pick up the flower from the hanging basket and give to the statue, instead you need the ‘pot holder’ which is given after locating all the items within the childrens house at the table, it’s a random looking coloured thing. you then need to make the temperature of fire match that shown on the cellar down to the school (different depending on game- mine was 550).

  47. Brenda says:

    I cannot figure out the order of the books. I think that I got the bottom shelf, but what about the top. Someone please tell me.

  48. Brenda says:

    You need to find that matches in one of the puzzles. I cant remember where I got mine. I think that I got the matches after I cut the bear open. The one in the basement of the store. You need to sharpen your knife on the sharpening wheel in the same room, that will cut the bear open and the matches sare inside.

  49. Denise says:

    Can someone please tell me how to open the door in the garden? I have been stuck for two days now and haven’t been able to get through that door. I’ve tied positioning it like the etching on the side of the kitchen cupboard but it does nothing. Also, I’m having trouble at the well too.

  50. Denise says:

    Can someone please tell me how to open the door in the garden? I have been stuck for two days now and haven’t been able to get through that door. I’ve tried positioning it like the etching on the side of the kitchen cupboard but it does nothing. Also, I’m having trouble at the well too.