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FreeGamesNewsA new “Latest Games” list has been added to the sidebar on the right side of each page of the site to keep you updated with the latest games from all over the web. Also new on FreeGamesNews: you can now rate each game.  More to come soon…


6 Comments to Site News: Latest Games and Games Ratings

  1. Beconaze says:

    hey Eric, Great to see the site always on the improve.

  2. titou83 says:

    Excellent idea!


  3. fievel says:

    It would be great to add the rate bar on the game page also

  4. Eric says:

    @fievel – That would be nice, I definitely agree, but it’s not an option. The game pages are separate from the main blog, and that’s why they can’t share the same rating system.

  5. wolf says:

    it would be better if this site did not use adware or malware…

    Edit: details removed.

  6. Eric says:

    @ wolf – Thanks for pointing this potential issue out! I removed the widget and replaced it by a safer one. FreeGamesNews respect your privacy!