Duendes in Christmas

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Duendes in ChristmasFederico Rutenberg, the author of the Esklavos and Doctor Ku series has released a new Point’n’Click puzzle game for Christmas, Duendes in Christmas. Your goal here is pretty simple: light the tree and make the snow fall. But is it that simple? Have fun!

By Eric

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16 Comments to Duendes in Christmas

  1. Random Boy says:

    YAY! i was first!
    this is the 7th time!

    Good luck everyone! ;-)

  2. theo says:

    help i dont know wat to do

  3. monte says:

    I lit the tree.


  4. monte says:

    i made a pick axe and took a rock and moved it over to the guy on the left, but know i am stuck

  5. monte says:

    Further along

  6. monte says:

    i keep adding to the snow ball each time it shows up on the ledges, but at the forth time, it always just falls back down, i must be missing something.

  7. monte says:

    figured it out.


  8. osmodiar says:

    Help: I have a pickaxe head but can’t saw or pick up anything to use as a handle

  9. Sunsun says:

    osmodiar: Show

  10. osmodiar says:

    Thank you!

  11. Amelia says:

    I keep clicking the fence. But nothing happens. I tried using the saw and the hand but it wont work. help!

  12. White Wolf says:

    It’s impossible for me. I have a thumb wheel mouse so by the time I can click on the guy making the snowballs the other one melts. If I had a regular style mouse, maybe I could move from one side to the other faster. O’well..

  13. Mandy says:

    when I click the fairy Show

  14. Nimue says:

    I click all the stars, but the fairy won’t collect them!!!

  15. girly11 says:

    I dont understand addding to the snowball. I tried but my snowball isnt getting bigger and it keeps melting.

  16. Paul says:

    walkthrough anyone?