Dwarf Room Escape

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Dwarf Room EscapeDwarf Room Escape is a new Room Escape game released by EscapeFever. “Escape the room full of little Santas. Find them all and I’m sure they will help you to escape.” If you like pixel hunting, you may give a try to this one! If not, you might want to pass. Have fun!

Dwarf Room Escape walkthrough (thanks P!)

By Eric

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7 Comments to Dwarf Room Escape

  1. dg says:

    @Grootmoeder: your hint is for another game…

    In THIS game, you need to collect red dwarves instead of green men – cute and very easy.

  2. Knotaklu says:

    Arg! have to start again. Forgot where Ive been already.LOL

  3. Knotaklu says:

    That was fun. Great ego booster after those Gassy games.

    Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year !

  4. Mandy says:

    I am missing 1 and I cant find it anywhere!

  5. P says:

    Found 8 dwarves and a key, but stuck now.

  6. P says:

    Make it 10

  7. P says: