Escape the Cell

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Escape the CellEscape the Cell is a new Room Escape game from Happy Bear Games, a new player in the fast growing Escape game industry! “My Head! What happened? I was at home. I remember glass breaking. Everything went black… Why am I here?” Nice graphics in this one! Have fun!

By Eric

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38 Comments to Escape the Cell

  1. Tom says:

    Has anyone figured out the moving stones puzzle yet? I’m STUCK….

  2. mam says:

    first and i’ll start now!

  3. mam says:

    no, I’m stuck too…

  4. Tom says:

    i have Show

    used Show

    the stone puzzle is really getting to me. Moving the stones into different piles isn’t doing the trick. It must provide Show

  5. mam says:

    how did u use Show

  6. Tom says:

    I have Show

    do you have Show

  7. mam says:

    no :(( totally stuch here

  8. mam says:

    how did u Show

  9. Tom says:

    yes, drag Show

  10. may says:

    where is the stone?
    i’ve got Show

    i Show

    and where you used Show

  11. nart says:

    Stuck as hell



  12. Tom says:

    check the Show

    Still no further on the stones though……..

  13. mam says:

    nart: Show

    after that I’m stuck too :)

  14. jackivee says:

    I believe there is a yellow AND a brown coin…any luck with the stones? If you move them enough, you can stack them. I am thinking they have to be stacked in a particular order?? Like maybe 1-4 but I can’t get them to do it. Grr!

  15. Jmalofox says:

    Stones can be stacked in this order:

  16. Tom says:

    if you click the stones in the order yellow, green, blue, red they stack every time and in different positions but still no good

  17. jackivee says:

    I’m about ready to quit…

  18. mymamma says:

    Hi all, zoomed end of bed Show

  19. mymamma says:

    I’m out! Very interesting ending! Never did find red coin, though.

  20. Anemic says:

    Really, really buggy game. Not worth it. Suddenly you randomly escape when you light the candle. And kind of non-sensical when it comes to lighting it.

  21. Melissa says:

    Stuck. Can’t find red coin… nor figure out stone puzzle.

  22. Tom says:

    What a shame – this started out looking like a really good game, but the ending was frustrating and I hadn’t even Show

  23. mam says:

    how did u get out?

  24. Lizzy says:

    Try using the bar Show

  25. Lizzy says:

    How did you guys get the candle?

  26. dg says:

    There’s a Show

  27. mymamma says:


    Take noteShow

  28. Melissa says:

    I have no idea how to complete this! This is my second day of trying.

    I know in the previous comment it said to use the Show

  29. Rhii says:

    I got

    I can’t solve this :(

  30. Pisang says:

    I can not even find the keypicture on any walls! can someone tell me where it is?thank you!

  31. goldie says:

    lot of bugs.

  32. lorraine says:

    where do you get the red coin????

  33. Patricia says:

    How does everyone take the candle? I hanged the rope, and tried to use the message on the hole, but nothing.

  34. Kitty says:

    The red coin is Show

  35. tom says:

    i got 4 coins, the key rock + teech and 2 pics. now what? where is coin 5 and i have the rope over the mouse hole

  36. Anna says:

    can someone tell me how to get the red coin fron the bed area, I can not find it….also what pics are you all talking about and where are they?

  37. Anna says:

    ok finally managed to get red coin, what about the pics?

  38. stig says:

    one pic is under the bin its of a mouse and a candle