First Love

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First LoveFirst LoveFirst Love is a new Room Escape game from Bianco Bianco. This one was made in collaboration with Japanese Escape game maker Robamimi.

Ten years ago, you made a promise to your first love to meet her in a church on Christmas day ten years later.

A decade later, this day has arrived but once in the church, you realize it is empty.

Did she remember your promise?

Have fun!

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By Eric

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42 Comments to First Love

  1. Em says:

    I´m going to play now!

  2. Anonymouse says:

    I’m just getting a white screen

  3. k says:

    Pretty easy. Use the in game Hint button if you get stuck.

  4. Em says:

    Really nice game!

  5. Knotaklu says:

    Nice game. Cute ending. Just hard enough to for my brain while I have my first cup of coffee.
    Must be a multi-denominational church. There are christian cross’, Morgan Davids and what I think is a Greek orthodox cross.

  6. babbycat says:

    I am stuck, the hint says the day bfore xmas…what does that mean?

  7. goldie says:

    @babbycat , eve.

  8. MiniTaurus says:

    Really nice game from Robamimi and this one is rather easy =D

    many Christmas game this week

  9. Mandy says:

    I cant find anything downstairs!

  10. David says:

    clicking wreaths but nothing is happening

  11. mam says:

    what does the day b4 xmas mean??

  12. dg says:

    @David: Show

    @mam: the day before xmas is Show

  13. dg says:

    Cute game. I had to use the hint button 3 times.

  14. mam says:

    dg: i still can’t get it !!!! how can this help me?

  15. mam says:

    I figured out the eve idea but the no.???

  16. Andy says:

    Okay, I’m stuck in the basement too.

  17. mam says:

    no I’m out of the basement just Show

  18. babbycat says:

    Thanks! Cute game

  19. poetshadow73 says:

    found Show

    what is the deal with Show

    can anyone help? thanks

    • Sakura Memory Crystal says:



  20. DaveM says:

    The day before Christmas is Show

    I can’t work out the order to put the stars into the thing on the floor other than the black one being on the bottom). Does anyone know?

  21. dg says:

    @DaveM: read the story carefully. Note Show

  22. Andy says:

    I still don’t know the numbers for the box in the basement.

  23. Jade Wolf says:

    Basement code…

    Hope this helps!

  24. Andy says:

    Thank you Jade. That’s all I needed.

    Can you explain it, please?

  25. Jade Wolf says:

    Basement hints Show

    Good luck!

  26. Kitty says:

    So was he a snowman?

  27. eric says:

    where is the black star at?

  28. juice says:

    am I being totally thick???? Where is the basement?

  29. juice says:

    ok yes am totally thick……found the basement and out! Sheesh!!

  30. Abora says:

    won’t load for me, disappointing

  31. MeggieTabbs says:

    How do you find the green cross?

  32. hina says:

    in what sequence do we have to set the stars im totally stuck plz help

  33. Phyllida says:

    You know the christmas eve thing, that we have to put into the box/safe thingy, how do I put that in?
    soo confused.

  34. Phyllida says:

    Wait I got that, but now I don’t know what to do with the key!

  35. mGb says:

    SOMETHING INTERESTING:) Remember that 3 letter code box?
    There are only 5 possible letters for each. The letters are vilde or……


  36. dearness says:


    After you Show

    be very careful not to remove any of the stars. I took off one of the stars by accident and I wasn’t able to get back down there nor was I able to put the star back

  37. aliceboy says:

    Very cute and sweet…and just about my speed. Nice-looking, to boot.

  38. Sakura Memory Crystal says:

    I can’t do it! Can someone please help me?