Xmas Toy Room Escape

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Xmas Toy Room EscapeXmas Toy Room Escape is the latest Room Escape game from Games2Rule. “During Xmas, it is great to see so many toys in your room but you got trapped in the toy room itself.” If you like toys and puzzles, you will love this one! Have fun!

Xmas Toy Room Escape walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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13 Comments to Xmas Toy Room Escape

  1. mam says:

    first again:):)

  2. ratmq says:

    can’t figure out the train puzzle……3 pcs. left?

  3. ratmq says:

    got it…..painfull though

  4. mam says:

    they end in a u shape to reach the train

  5. mam says:

    now i’m stuck…..

  6. Lorena says:

    the soldiers and horses can be moved, I haven’t figure out the code, though

  7. Prid says:

    NOTE: In order to get to the other side of the Room, simply click on the Door on Middle Right-Side of the Screen. To get back to the 1st Room, simply click on Left-Side Door!



    I really hope this Walkthrough is helpful, as I spent so much time and put alot of effort in it. Please do enjoy playing the game, and reading this walkthrough and tell me your thoughts :D

    Type: Extremely Detailed Walkthrough | Help Notes | 20-Steps
    Time Used: 2 Hours
    Written By: Prid

  8. Sindi says:

    Solved the train puzzle and got a key, found small key, found drum sticks, santa’s chariot, a hand lens, a reindeer, # 125209 and letters RCHSIT , horse order dark green, purple,blue,red, yellow…. i think used everythin but cant figure out the rest of the puzzles………..

  9. dg says:

    @Prid: thanks for the WT – it was very helpful.

  10. Sindi says:

    im out thanx Prid!

  11. taurus59 says:

    Thanx Prid; the only logical thing in that game was the train track.

  12. Idotry says:

    Too many colours in this game for me (Colour blind) :-(

  13. tngirl says:

    Thanks for the WT Prid, I could not even get very far in the game before I was pulling out hair.