Gazzy ATM Escape

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Gazzy ATM EscapeIn Gazzy ATM Escape, the latest Room Escape game from Gazzyboy, you find yourself locked in an ATM center. This one reminds me a lot of ATM Escape from 123Bee, and the same question comes in my mind: why do you need a credit card to get out of here?! Anyway, have fun!

Gazzy ATM Escape walkthrough (thanks dg!)

By Eric

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6 Comments to Gazzy ATM Escape

  1. Saso says:


  2. dg says:

    I hope we don’t need ESP for this game…

    ESP = extra-sensory perception (telepathy, etc.).

  3. dg says:

    Out – without ESP but with some help from EG24.

  4. Abbie-Rose says:

    can someone plz help i am stuck with
    .white coloured crushed paper
    .black coloured crushed paper
    .and a brocken pieces/i think it it glass
    plz help i am stuck

  5. dg says:

    @Abbie-Rose: Show

  6. dg says:

    Might as well write a complete walkthrough: Show