Canteen Room Escape

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Canteen Room EscapeIn Canteen Room Escape, the latest Room Escape game from Gazzyboy, you find yourself locked in a canteen room. If you read the instruction, it is mentioned that you have to escape from the museum. So either this canteen room is located in a museum or there is a typo!? Have fun!

By Eric

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30 Comments to Canteen Room Escape

  1. Saso says:

    First :-)

  2. israel says:


  3. israel says:

    oops, not the first… :)

  4. Saso says:

    Miss fourth piece of picture

  5. israel says:

    got matches, looking for the forth piece of picture

  6. Cele says:

    I’m at the same point. Found so far

  7. daber says:

    I can’t find the fourth piece either…

  8. daber says:

    can’t find the Show

    but the fourth piece for me wasShow

  9. daber says:

    put four piecesShow

  10. daber says:


  11. daber says:


  12. Saso says:

    There is not matches on any side of the A/C units. Or I’m doing something wrong.

  13. Cele says:

    ups, sorry Daber, didn’t want to mislead you. It’s a lot of pixel hunting in this.

  14. daber says:

    there sure is Cele….any idea where to use the knife?

  15. daber says:

    Try the microwave Saso..

  16. Saso says:

    Thank’s daber. No idea where to use knife

  17. daber says:

    just have knife left in inventory…and seem to be stuck…any clues?

  18. daber says:

    can push buttons to the right of the AC over the kitchen sink…can’t push them back though and don’t know if they are meant to do anything. There are a lot of things with on and off buttons that don’t seem to do anything.

  19. daber says:

    got appleShow

  20. daber says:


    must need something else

  21. daber says:

    still have knife…anyone else find anything?

  22. daber says:


    don’t know what to do with them

  23. daber says:

    OK I’m finally out after a LOT of pixel hunting….

  24. Cele says:

    Great daber, congrats! I give up, this is no fun at all :-(

  25. Mandy says:

    where did you find the Show

  26. goldie says:

    @Mandy,rod is left mirror, and string in left curtain.

  27. goldie says:

    Done, much picxel hunting.

  28. taurus59 says:

    I hate when you have to click all over the place and suddenly something you couldn’t even see magically appears in your inventory. This one’s a pixel-hunting nightmare.

  29. Deb says:

    Too much like a 123Bee game for me …lots of pixel hunting, buggy.

  30. Aneske says:

    To much pixel hunting, cant find the string – I mean, honestly it’s Ridiculous. Finding the iron? really