The Company of Myself

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The Company of MyselfThe Company of MyselfThe Company of Myself is a little puzzle platformer from Eli Pülonen and Luka Marcetic where your goal is to help a little hermit reach the exit door in each level by interacting with past versions of your character.

The Company of Myself will remind you games like Chronotron, Timebot, Cursor10 or Cursor*10 2nd Session.

You’re not really alone in this challenging game!

Have fun!

The Company of Myself walkthrough here, there and there (thanks Snowman!)

The Company of Myself video walkthrough!

By Eric

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43 Comments to The Company of Myself

  1. Eric says:

    Why? Works fine for me…

  2. Sol says:

    Works for me, too. Or maybe not? In the level with the long red bridge, I just can’t create another shadow after the first one. Now that might be my wrong attempt at solving it or a bug.

    • Bob says:

      Its supposed to happen. You only have 1. What you do is make the shadow drop, then you get on him and he moves right.

    • Cattie says:

      It’s because you only have a limit of one shadow.

  3. Sol says:

    Aha, no, that was on purpose. The level is meant to be solved with only one shadow ;)

  4. Sol says:

    Two things – a hint on the T-shaped level with the short green bridge (I wish there were numbers for them somewhere, didn’t count):

    This “Braid” spoof video reminded me a lot of the game.

  5. lz says:


  6. Snowman says:

    Partial Walkthrough: The Company of Myself
    Arrow Keys – Move
    A – Use switch
    R – Restart
    Spacebar – Create Shadow/Enter Room

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 3

    Level 4

    Level 5

    Level 6

    Level 7

    Level 8

    Level 9

    Level 10

    Level 11

    Level 12

    Level 13 (Kathryn)

    Level 14 (Kathryn)

    Level 15 (Kathryn)

    Level 16 (Kathryn)

    Level 17 (Kathryn)

    Level 18

  7. Snowman says:

    OK, solved 19 by Show

    but I can’t finish 20.

    • leo says:

      all you have to do is create a bunch of shadows all jumping and going right. make them continuously jump and go right and eventually you will do it. p.s. don.t make al of the shadows do the same thing though add some delays and a bit of a change for each one eventually(on the 20th shadow maybe) you will make it.

  8. guest says:

    how do you pile shadows on the main man?

  9. Kyle says:

    Same i cant eat level 20 i tried piling up abunch of guys at the edge then jumping but u cant make it… i dont know if ur supposed to like have a guy jump then jump on top of him as hes falling and do that all the way across but that seems really hard… ill tell you if that works

  10. Kyle says:

    ok wat i did was jump of the edge and kept pressing jump, then when i fell off the screen, id press space and do the same thing until i had tons of guys running and jumping off the edge trying to keep jumping. if u keep doing this, eventually you should jump off a guy or two and make it to the other side…sry this is kinda confusing but i didnt know how to really explain it. i hope this helps you guys

  11. Pinwheel says:

    On the level with the huge pit,which is the last level, all i can say is…. JUMP JUMP JUMP!!!!!!!! hope this helped :)

  12. Snowman says:

    Ah, ok.
    Level 20

    Plot: The Company of Myself

  13. dh says:

    Snowman, could you elaborate on 19? I can understand Show

    but not Show


  14. Doug says:

    Jack Show

  15. Sol says:

    Thanks Snowman, that helped me beat the last level.
    Only one addition on the plot:

  16. Snowman says:

    Since the comments have been a little strange lately (I posted twice but when I looked at it again there were like 5 posts in between them.) someone may already answer this, but

    Level 19

  17. Liminal says:

    @dh: Fairly certain that you have to Show

  18. Kondr says:

    Level 19 is too easy

  19. osmodiar says:

    The stupid explanation at the end makes me want to yell at the imaginary psychiatrist for all kinds of reasons.

  20. minikilla13 says:

    here is a video walkthrough hope it helps

  21. kingshaun98 says:

    OMG he is actually in a mental hospital and he killed kaythrin and lvl 20 just keep jumping off and once u hav about 20 shawdows doing it u should get to the other side by jumping on there heads while there falling

  22. demos says:

    aww poor jack at the loony been for 8 years and now for the rst of his life with nobody to talk to i wish they went into greater deatil at the end how did he do it, where at, why, its all soo sad

  23. FRED says:

    hello I need some help on 19 PLEASE

  24. BrightLight says:

    If you wait to the VERY end, it’ll say…: Show

  25. ted says:

    last level is SOOOOOOOOOOOO fun once u understand it. all u gota do is hold left and up, then after all ur guys are under even ground level, press space it will take alot of tries but ull see, the last guy should keep getting further until he reaches the other side

  26. y. says:

    i finally beat the game after friggin lvl 19 cost me about 40min to figure out lol…

    but the game is fantastic, story plot is absolutely marvelous…and soundtrack? simply mind-blowing…

    i wish i knew more about this game

  27. meee says:

    like lots of others i can just say jump jump jump jump jump …… etc it will work!

  28. paulua says:

    solved level 20

    sorry for the poor english

  29. michael says:

    do not read if you did not finish the part with his girlfriend


  30. manikia says:

    lvl 20 you run and jump over and over and when the shadows are in midair jump off there heads

  31. egx3 says:

    was the after story ture?

  32. Hazel says:

    what is the walkthrough for level 4? i jump down and pull the level but i can’t get back up again! my shadow is no help. :(

  33. Alphil says:

    I have finished the game, I think it is a great game, I liked very much the minimalism and the detail that he can duplicates himself, and also the story is great too, really i liked very much the story… all.

    I just registered here for leaving this comment to the creators, no other way to say thank you, and thanks..


  34. :P says:

    The Story is Sad :(

  35. leo says:

    no you couldn’t Show

  36. Kevin says:

    I totally love this game. The music, backgrounds and game play are really great. I would recommend this game to anyone (I have, on facebook.)
    I saw that there is going to be a prequel. When does it come out and where can I find it?

  37. Lonely Player says:

    Is there any way to save Kathryn????

  38. jarro says:

    no, there is no way to save kathryn, unfortunately :(