What You See (is Left to Be Seen)

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What You See (is Left to Be Seen)What You See (is Left to Be Seen) is a little Point’n’Click puzzle game where the challenge “is not to find the answer, but to understand the question. It will challenge the way you see and define games”. In case you are stuck, check out the walkthroughHave fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


12 Comments to What You See (is Left to Be Seen)

  1. Morpheus McGee says:

    It’s a good thing they included a Walkthrough, because some of those puzzles were so vague they were ridiculously hard to solve. @[email protected]

  2. Ana says:

    do you know where the END key is???

  3. Ana says:

    ive tryed to push all the end keys and i don´t understand where the key is

  4. Juli says:

    @Ana: on Windows keyboards, the “End” key is usually somewhere with the “Page up”, “Page down”, and “Home” keys. “Insert” and “Delete” may be somewhere near them as well. I’m not sure whether Mac keyboards have an “End” key.

  5. Juli says:

    None of the levels past about 5 make any sense whatsoever, some of them not even with the walkthrough/solution.
    I can’t get the *&%$^ “music” to turn OFF.
    I know English isn’t the author’s first language, but couldn’t he have gotten someone to proofread?

    Net result: really, really bad. Don’t even bother.

  6. nick says:

    started okay, then degraded quickly into “can you read the author’s mind” garbage game.

    not fun after level 4 or so.

  7. Alexa Karuda says:

    Mac keyboards have no “END” key, so can’t finish level 11. Game doesn’t make any sense, which is a shame because it seemed like it was going to be fun.

    Thumbs down. :(

  8. meh says:

    i cant get to the walkthrough?

  9. nick says:

    mac keyboards DO have an ‘end’ key, even powerbooks. on a pb it’s fn-right arrow.

    still doesn’t make the game suck less though.

  10. Apanathi says:

    The walkthrough shows a totally different scene for lvl 22 …. anybody an idea how to solve that one??

  11. Ciria says:

    quite nice game but…

    how to you get the “Red~Letter” achievement? I just can’t get it

  12. LadyLaLa says:

    How do you do lvl 10?