Car Escape (Gazzyboy)

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Car EscapeCar Escape is a Room Escape game where you find yourself locked in your car in the middle of a railway track. A train is arriving and will hit your car in less than a minute. Escape from the car asap or prepare to die. In short, be prepared to replay this game a few times! Have fun!

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Car Escape walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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24 Comments to Car Escape (Gazzyboy)

  1. kay says:

    anyone else here?

  2. Rachel says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to use the Show

  3. kay says:

    stuck, have already:

  4. Prid says:

    @kay: Use spring to connect the 2 Cables together!

  5. kay says:

    yeah that i have already done, it’s what to do after that

  6. Prid says:

    I’m stuck too!

  7. Rachel says:

    Prid: Then what?

  8. Ralf says:

    same here( annoying…

  9. Prid says:

    ARGH! I hate when the Train hits the Car that fast, it just freaks me out!!!

  10. Ralf says:

    there are views of mirror, steering and of the front left seat. don’t know if i can do smth there though…

  11. kay says:

    yeah i’ve seen those too, can’t figure anything out with them though

  12. kay says:

    there’s also view of the music console, but i don’t see anything to click on

  13. kay says:

    i wanna say that since we still have the Show

    we should still have another use for it

  14. Ralf says:

    ok, screw it. doing it all over again is not too interesting. btw, found a Show

    . good luck everyone!

  15. kay says:

    got it!!!

  16. Rachel says:

    kay, how do you get the code?

  17. kay says:

    here we go: this is how to finish! do not look if you do not want the end spoiled

  18. Prid says:

    NOTE: You have to do things really quick in this game, in order to suceed. You’ll only get 1 Minute before the Train hits the Car!



    I really hope this helps everyone!

  19. Not too avid with timed games.

  20. DNOMN8R says:

    Nice w-thru as usual, Prid!

    BTW, I believe this is the first time I have ever seen the word “butt” used in a walkthrough!

  21. Prid says:

    @DNOM8R: Thanks. And about the “butt” thing, I didn’t actually know about another way to explain where to use the Knife. So yeah, I suppose this is the first time, but only to help people understand things better ;)

  22. Morpheus McGee says:

    I don’t like timed games either. @[email protected]