Kaitai Dismantlement – Radio

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DismantlementDismantlementKaitai Dismantlement – Radio is a new Point’n’Click Puzzle game created by Gam.eBB.

In Kaitai Dismantlement – Radio, as its name says, you will have to dismantle a little radio. To do so, you only have a screwdriver.

And your brain.

And that’s it! Now the question is: why would you take apart this radio?

Have fun!

Kaitai Dismantlement – Radio walkthrough
(thanks Snowman!)

By Eric

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18 Comments to Kaitai Dismantlement – Radio

  1. Katt says:

    Almost finished…I’m stuck at the white box. :/

  2. Katt says:

    Never mind:) i’m out!
    i liked this game…it required a different kind of thinking than i am used to.

  3. Grootmoeder says:

    Out, what a nice game.

  4. Jennifer says:

    GAH, what is the code for the yellow box??

  5. Andy says:



    But I don’t see what that did for me.

  6. Andy says:

    Ah – got it. Turn it around.

  7. Andy says:

    That was pretty cool.

    For some reason, when I first loaded it, I didn’t get (or somehow failed to miss) the Back button. That made it extremely difficult.

  8. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    Is there a clue to the bomb? I can’t figure it at all.

  9. bosco says:

    OMG…cute ending… dont cut the wires.. Show

  10. Jennifer says:

    Wow, this game made me feel stupid haha

    Thanks for the code, Andy :)

  11. tic says:

    how to stop the spinning disc?

  12. tic says:

    oh, nevermind

  13. Me2 says:

    Took me many tries, very interesting compared to usual room escape fare. Thanks!

  14. Merlina says:

    I still feel stupid. Got the code, don’t know what to do with it, and how do you stop the spinning?

  15. hilman says:

    stupid..stupid me…
    @bosco : thanks for the clue..

    @Merlina :

  16. phantom says:

    cant figure it out im stuck on the first part:(

  17. Snowman says:

    Walkthrough: Kaitai Dismantlement Radio

    1 – Dismantle the danger box!

    2 – Stop the spinning disk!

    3 – Solve the number code!

    4 – Dismantle the black dial, bottom left box, and white disk!

    5 – Solve the safe code and dismantle the upper left cylinder!

    6 – Dismantle the back and the speakers!

    7 – Survive the bomb!