Halloween Night Escape

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Halloween Night EscapeHalloween Night Escape, the 105th Room Escape game from 123Bee, is live. “Your friends want to test your bravery and so they have bet you to stay in this horror filled house for a night. So you got to get in and come out of this house successfully. Prove your bravery to them…!” Have fun!

Halloween Night Escape walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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58 Comments to Halloween Night Escape

  1. Aneske says:

    Anyone playing?

  2. Aneske says:

    I found a skull, axe and candle

  3. nokra says:

    Um. it is going to bee buggy, but I’ll give this a try.
    Anyone else here?

  4. Aneske says:

    Hi Nokra, i am stuck

  5. daber says:

    Hi, anyone else there? FoundShow

    so far

  6. liz says:


  7. nokra says:

    I haven’t picked up anything…yet…help!

  8. liz says:


  9. Aneske says:

    if you click on the tree where the pot is hanging you get a different view. dont know what for?

  10. nokra says:

    I’m avoiding clicking the walkthrough…but I can’t get started. How did you get fire to the scarecrow?

  11. nokra says:

    Thanks…let’s see if I can find the ax

  12. Aneske says:

    Nokra: see comment from Liz above mine.. There is no walkthrough yet

  13. daber says:

    OK, Show

  14. liz says:

    start with…Show

  15. liz says:

    cheers daber

  16. Aneske says:

    tx daber

  17. nokra says:

    no luck…I have a very DARK screen…which close up? If I know, I can do a blind pixelhunt…

  18. Aneske says:

    Found Show

  19. daber says:

    inside church Show

    room on rightShow

  20. Maria says:

    so far

  21. Aneske says:

    Nokra: juts left of the pumkin head of the scare crow against the tree (right next to its head) = axe

  22. daber says:

    got Show

  23. Aneske says:

    Inside church Show

  24. Aneske says:

    Hook and rope use on Show

  25. Aneske says:

    Found a secret hole in the wall Show

  26. Aneske says:

    Found casper !!

  27. daber says:

    put rope and hookShow

  28. Aneske says:

    Found Show

  29. daber says:

    took Show

  30. nokra says:

    Aneske, you’re a gem…thanks

  31. daber says:


  32. Aneske says:

    gotta go.. will finish tomorrow. Njoy

  33. liz says:


  34. daber says:


  35. daber says:

    Liz, how did you light the cauldron?

  36. liz says:


  37. liz says:


  38. daber says:

    Thanks Liz, I only got two…andShow

  39. liz says:

    ohhh…not sure which way round i did it….picture before wood i mean…do you mean youre having trouble Show

  40. liz says:


  41. Louise says:

    im stuck now, Show

  42. Nic says:

    You have to put the spiders in the eyes of the mask. If you zoom out, you see a bat. Get the bat and put in the cauldron with the pumpkin. You get a bone.

  43. Nic says:


  44. Louise says:

    thank you

  45. liz says:

    thanks nic, did try that already but obviously didnt do it right….

  46. Nic says:

    Try the same spider in the other eye.

  47. liz says:

    out…not a bad game

  48. Nic says:

    Hej Liz, I put the light in the lamp. And then?

  49. Nic says:

    Yes, I’ve found the key!!!

  50. Prid says:



    I really hope this helps, I used alot of time to write it and I haven’t written text walkthroughs in a few days. But I also hope this one is helpful ^^