ATM Escape

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ATM EscapeATM Escape, the 104th Room Escape game from 123Bee, is live. “Your ATM card has got stuck up in the machine itself. Only with the card you can open the door and get out. “ I wonder why you would need to use your credit card to get out, but hey, it’s a 123Bee game!  Have fun!

ATM Escape walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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13 Comments to ATM Escape

  1. bosco says:

    buggy game for me… slow play…

  2. bosco says:

    found Show

  3. bosco says:

    took Show

  4. bosco says:

    was able to Show

  5. bosco says:

    i think the Show

  6. bosco says:

    zoom in on the Show

  7. bosco says:

    use the Show

  8. bosco says:

    use the Show

    and yur out

  9. bosco says:

    so if you take comments 2-8 and you have a sort of walkthrough

  10. Prid says:

    NOTE: When you use the Screwdriver, make sure to drag it’s metal end, and drop it where you want to use it. Because, if you drag the Green part of the Screwdriver, and drop it, it won’t work. Well, it didn’t work for me!



    Hope this is helpful, even if it’s written really quick and badly!


  11. goldie says:

    Out, thnx all.

  12. Knotaklu says:


    In answer to your question on “why you need a credit card to get out”

    It’s my opinion, what with banks charging ‘transactions fees’ and airlines charging for pillows it will only be a matter of time before they charge you to leave the bank or to get off of the plane.LOL

  13. KissMeSoftly says:

    This game is very easy. If you can escape this one you can escape them all.