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PicmaFor all Picross/Nonograms fans, here is Picma, a new Picross game from Moonberry Studios. This one features 60 unique puzzles ranging from 5×5 to 50×50 cells. Picma includes multi-color puzzles and is very well done. Don’t forget to check out Picross Quest and Armor Picross 2. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.17


5 Comments to Picma

  1. Me2 says:

    Oh jeez! I’m going out of the country on Saturday and these are my favorite puzzles. Guess I’ll be packing whatever comes to hand five minutes before the drive to the airport.

  2. Reka says:

    Good points of this implementation:
    – Click once to mark, click again to erase (once you turn off the evil correction mode, that is)
    – Multicolor puzzles

    Bad points:
    – Evil correction mode is the default
    – Puzzles larger than 15×15 are basically unplayable because they don’t fit on the screen
    – Score window immediately hides the puzzle as soon as you’re done
    – Automatic marking of finished clues only works if you use Xs
    – Can’t manually cross off finished clues
    – Serious contrast issues, especially with some of the multicolor puzzles (try telling apart a grayed-out clue from a gray clue, for example), but also with basic game mechanics like row/column highlighting and gridlines
    – Interface heavy on the pretty, not so much on the useable (teeny-tiny “back” button in bottom left corner does not really say “this is how to get to the options menu” to me)
    – There are no instructions available for how to control the interface – I accidentally figured out that Shift turns on X-mode. There may have been something on the initial instruction screen that comes up the first time you play, but once you close that window, there’s no way to get it back. (The “How to Play” menu item takes you to an introduction to the concept of picross puzzles, but says absolutely nothing about the interface.)

  3. Toxic says:

    Reka, there’s a magnifying glass at the bottom right… zoom out for the larger puzzles
    And the small compass like icon moves the grid about…

    I like playng Picross games, but I do have to say that most of the time I’ve no idea what the picture is supposed to be until I’m told at the end :-P

  4. Reka says:

    There are some non-robust puzzles. For example, the “curious dragon” (third puzzle in 25×25 section) has *four* solutions. Of course, it only accepts one of them…

  5. Reka says:

    Correction: the “curious dragon” has at least eight solutions, possibly more. (Three areas with two solutions each = 2^3 = 8.) We’re talking serious non-robustness, here. Also, you can’t get any of the solutions without lots and lots of guesswork.