Two Racoons

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Two RacoonsTwo RacoonsHere is your weekly Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game! Today, Two Racoons!

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Have fun!

Two Racoons walkthrough (thanks Anna!)

By Eric

current rating 4.50


18 Comments to Two Racoons

  1. dpb says:

    omg, i’m so frustrated. i really need help.

  2. ZyniV says:


  3. Grootmoeder says:

    out, cute little game

  4. dpb says:

    Okay, I finally figured it out on my own. hint: Show

  5. Anna says:



  6. devin says:

    To explain step 4:


  7. White Wolf says:

    Can’t get the game to load.

  8. Andy says:

    Is there only one end? It seems as though you should be able to open the second walnut.

  9. goldie says:


  10. hilman says:

    love the idea the thin hair as bar code :)

  11. BoomBoxer says:

    Currently the most nonsensical and weirdest and “hardest” game of Minoto’s!
    But still, I doubt a walkthrough is ever needed.

  12. hi im john says:

    whats with the picture of the mermaid in the star screen? i didn see a mermaid :(

  13. Amanda says:

    odd and not too hard, still though, what ever happened to alternate endings?

  14. Amanda says:

    So did anyone else figure out who ate the racoons walnuts? Show

  15. Anna says:

    I asked a Mandarin-speaking friend of mine about the barcode thing. Apparently, in Mandarin, the type of baldness the customer has is referred to as “barcode”. It’s like slang for being bald. So, I guess it would’ve been pretty obvious – if you spoke Mandarin.

  16. Loser says:

    This game sucks so hard!

  17. Stargazer says: