Locked Forever 6

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Locked Forever 6Locked Forever 6Locked Forever 6 was released a few hours ago at Gamershood!

Once again, you will need 10 keys to escape the Room. This sixth episode is easier than the previous ones, and a surprise is waiting for you outside!

No more annoying music in Locked Forever 6: just play your favorite songs with your favorite media player, and… escape!

Recommended for a 15 minute break.

Have fun!

Update: Locked Forever 6 walkthrough in comment #1.

By Eric

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61 Comments to Locked Forever 6

  1. Adrienne says:

    Ok I’ve answered my own questions. First I was lifting up the sofa cushion corner on the right and not the cushion further to the left. Second, yes you need all keys before the blue door can open and you aso need all keys before the code, which does not change by the way, can work. Whew.

  2. Jamila says:

    When you hit the TAB the Show

    will come up.

  3. nhikz says:

    what do u do with the black cube..?

  4. nhikz says:

    ok..i answered my own answer..wer are the other three keys!!the number2,7.,8..help me please..

  5. nhikz says:

    found the 2 keys,,wers the second one??

  6. Mark Da Helper says:

    Clown if you press tab!
    I won anyway. Heres how to jump!

  7. Mark Da Helper says:

    Most of the keys can be found in interesting places.
    There are 4 Kinds of keys BTW

  8. Amanda says:

    could not do even wht help

  9. salma says:

    Were is the balcony key!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH

  10. FiestyGal says:

    Grrrr!!!! I’ve clicked a gazillion times on the stupid coat and cannot get key #2. I’ve clicked until I have cramps in my friggin fingers and still can’t get it. Frustrated!!! And yup, I tried the tab key and freaked myself right out LOL

  11. MUGGIE says: