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Sep.Sep. After Toys, Cosmo, Room W & R and a few other Room Escape games, here is the latest game from Mydia, Sep.!

For an unknown reason, you find yourself trapped in a room, and the exit door is locked!

If you already know Mydia’s work, you won’t be surprised to read that Sep. is nice looking and – as usual – comes with no text at all!

It’s good to see that there are still a few talented developers in the overcrowded Escape games industry, and for sure Mydia is one of them!

Have fun!

Please be patient while the game is loading…

By Eric

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  1. dg says:

    @Anonymouse: I’m pretty sure they made changes in the game. I don’t recall seeing the required 4 letters above the handle, and I don’t recall seeing “crossword” written on the calendar. Also, going through the motions as before and then clicking the handle several times doesn’t work any more.

    Here’s what I made out of the clues (start writing in the same square as the number):

  2. osmodiar says:

    I really did guess the code based on it being September 5th and the star on the white paper, then I just scrolled through the last digit and 2 worked. I saw the mark by the fern but couldn’t figure out what it meant.

  3. Merlina says:

    I am confused. How do you read the picture? I assume you spray it?
    I [spoiler]put the water in the sprayer, and I have the lime (cut) but no clue how to get it in. Also I saw someone here post about a big sprayer and little sprayer?

  4. Merlina says:

    ok scratch that I figured out how to get the lime in and spray it, but I’m still missing or not understanding something. I don’t get the clue on the front (never on saturday) of the picture and I don’t see any clue on the back. Is it supposed to be words? Just looks like a showerhead spraying water over limes to me with the slot at the bottom.

  5. awan says:

    I think