Saunavihta Yetis

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SaunavihtaSaunavihta“In the coldest corner of Finland the only way to survive is to learn how to get to the sauna, without being run over by plow trucks, frozen by snowmen or shot by snow canons.”

In the Physics-based puzzle series Saunavihta, you click the white shapes to get the dude to the black sauna smoke while avoiding various obstacles and enemies.

There are two installments in the series, Saunavihta and the just released Saunavihta Yetis, each featuring 25 levels.

Graphics are terrible, but both games are fun to play and they are worth a try!

Play Saunavihta!

Play Saunavihta Yetis!

(And have fun!)

By Eric

current rating 3.67


3 Comments to Saunavihta Yetis

  1. Grootmoeder says:

    These are fun puzzles

  2. sssone says:

    very easy, but I find the colour irritating

  3. Tasselfoot says:

    Walkthrough vids, also featured in-game:

    Levels 1-13
    Levels 14-25