3 Nyan Quest

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3 Nyan Quest3 Nyan Quest is the latest Room Escape game created by the author of the Three Cats series and the Concert series. In this one, you find yourself trapped in a tower, and I have the feeling that there are a few floors to visit! The language barrier doesn’t help… Have fun!

3 Nyan Quest walkthrough (thanks iddyboo!)

By Eric

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24 Comments to 3 Nyan Quest

  1. iddyboo says:

    funny game have so far



  2. Chibi says:

    Got the sword but no idea what to do next.

  3. iddyboo says:

    i now have blue cat floating across the screan and am now stuck

  4. sab says:


  5. iamninjabob says:

    =D no comprendo un Japanese

  6. Ben says:

    To catch the cat ‘slimes’:

    I’m stuck in the third room, because the key I have won’t fit the door.

  7. cloudy says:

    walk through so far

    floor 1



    go back to floor 1

    go to floor 2

    go to floor 3


  8. Anonymouse says:

    cloudy- Show

  9. kay says:

    i’m stuck:

    help please ^^

  10. Anonymouse says:

    cloudy- Show

    kay- Show

  11. kay says:

    anonymouse thank you! ^^

  12. iddyboo says:

    thankx chibi

  13. iddyboo says:

    i do’t beleeeve it i put key in door and clicked to open it and it swiched doors so I then clicked on the other door and it changed back and it keeps switching doors everytime i click on them . Sooo frustrating

    sugestions please…..

  14. shaz says:

    im so stuck i have all 3 balls but how u get all 3 on thing,i put brown one on but as soon as i go to place red ball brown one comes off

  15. shaz says:

    well i give up unless some one tells me wat to do,cause i cant get all 3 balls to go in one place

  16. tje says:

    cant use stick on oink thing

  17. tje says:

    is anyone still playing

  18. sssone says:

    on the second floor I also got a

  19. sssone says:

    shaz, if you come back there are

  20. sssone says:

    finished game, took about 40 minutes, and the end

  21. sssone says:

    when you get the floating cat faces Show

    Not an easy game due to having to click numerous times in some places, and I found those floating cat faces hard to click on, they move to fast!

  22. Nerenia says:

    I cant get the shield. Any ideas? Which cat should I click. I click all the 3 of them and nothing happens.

  23. iddyboo says:

    Walkthrough found on another web site

    Walkthrough by Eudemon