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Flash Element TDFlash Element TDFlash Element TD is a recent Tower Defense type game inspired from the popular real-time strategy computer game Warcraft 3.

Developed and almost daily updated by David Scott, the game was an instant hit and gets around a quarter million of visitors a day 10 days after its release on January 6!

The object of the game is to survive “creeps” or evil creature waves, where the creeps become increasingly difficult to destroy. Building battle towers at strategic locations is the key to eliminate enemies and survive in higher levels of the game while keeping as much gold as possible into your bank account!

A very detailed instructions & tips page is available on the site: read it before you start playing.

Have fun!

By Eric

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17 Comments to Flash Element TD

  1. Pole says:

    good game, yet a pity that the scores table got hacked so soon
    please more games like this :)

  2. someone says:

    I beat it (there are 39 levels, small boys in the last one), and I only got some 7,000. Everyone on the high score list is a cheater!

  3. Alex says:

    wow, that’s a cool game indeed. I’ll be looking into it more carefully, but it seems like lots of fun!

  4. Pole says:

    I got more than 20k
    and I think lots more points are possible, but you would have to play it days long :)

  5. spuddy says:

    the score board hasn’t been hacked, i got over 100,00 but didn’t put my score up and i died on level 36 so although its still far off its not impossible, Show

  6. =naioshi= says:

    Hi all! Here is my Flash element TD 200k strategy video:


    No cheats, no exploits!!!! Comments and tips on strategy are welcome.

  7. AL says:

    I think the highscore has been hacked. This game is good.

  8. Nicholas says:

    I got to level 33 with 5 rocket towers,(max upgraded)
    6 water, (max upgraded)
    3 fire, (max upgraded)
    0 earth,
    0 arrow,
    But they beat me eventually!!!
    OH WELL!! I will get to the end one day!!!

  9. Alex says:

    i got 126000 from interest and use many fully upgraded cannons and fire. dont research anything but fire and interest

  10. fbm says:

    the game isnt inspired by WOW its inspired by warcraft 3

    Edit – fbm, you’re definitely right! Post updated!

  11. Kathy says:

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to beat the last bonus level on the starter pack of CuberXtreme? I’ve purchased the additional levels but find I have to complete that one to continue, but it looks IMPOSSIBLE. UGH

  12. Archybald says:

    Played the game several times without reading hints on the internet and found “my” strategy. If you calculate the damage, the cost, the interest and the hitpoints, you learn to:
    1) use only cannons (as few as possible)
    2) increase interest on Lv. 7, 14, 21 and 28
    3) use Air only at Airlevels (and try to sell during the level to get the interest)
    4) let some creeps leek and buy new lives for 40 – cheaper then towers.
    5) sell all cannons during lv 36 and by firetowers instead.
    6) position all cannons/towers in a way, they hit the path at least two times
    7) let “the boss” pass several times – it’s cheaper.

    Doing this with a little bit of experience brought me to >150.000 points without any cheating. Now i read on the internet that most people an the highscore-list came to the same conclusions after a while. So just give it a try!

  13. Tom says:

    i got to lvl 35 with only 3 fire towers (completely upgraded) and a rocket tower upgraded… and 3 water towers but those are weak anyways. i will beat it!!! everyone else, good luck.

  14. annonamus says:

    I have a small trick that might help you get 200,000/ 200k+ points in “Element TD! some of you may know some of these but here are a few hints and what not to do.


  15. robbie christensen says:

    dude. it isnt a cheat. i just got 243 legit. it just takes time and patience. we just play the game a lot and found a sick strategy moron

  16. Matt Martin says:

    The high scores are not cheated, high scores are easily attainable by using basic towers in mass and keeping your interest up as well as much gold as possible. Ive only been playing a few days but my top score thus far is around 235,000. This is because at the end of the game I had full interest and my gold was around 200,000. Look for strategy to get high scores. The game is quite simple to beat when using Combo Towers, although from my experience high scores are extremely unattainable doing this method.

  17. web says:

    my highest score so far is 130817. trick is to build just enough to barely survive each wave. and dont upgrade until the last wood you get. and upgrade to a fire tower and you can win easy. but i do mean BARELY survive each wave and save your money