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Helium-3Helium-3Helium-3 is the latest strategy multiplayer game created by Inbox Digital for Discovery Channel.

“The year is 2035 and the earth’s natural energy resources have finally run out. This has sparked a global race to the moon’s surface where they have discovered an abundance of a new source of energy that could save the planet – HELIUM-3.

In each 10 minute multiplayer game you will be matched against 3 other miners in a real time strategy battle. Take it in turns to set up your bots, fire lasers and missiles, shield your bots and most importantly mine more helium-3 than your opponents. After each game you can register your player, upgrade your weapons and explore a virtual moon where all 10 million games will be saved for playback.”

Have fun!

Note: please be patient while the game is loading…

By Eric

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  2. iddyboo says:

    keep being blown up

  3. Julio Armani. says:

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