Allied Escape

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Allied Escape Allied Escape is the latest Room Escape game from FreakinRooms. The intro says it all: “Where am I? How did I get here? I have to get out!” The graphics are greatly improved from FreakinRooms previous games, and in case you get stuck, a walkthrough is provided in game!  Have fun!

Allied Escape walkthrough (thanks toxotis!)

By Eric

current rating 3.20


4 Comments to Allied Escape

  1. Grootmoeder says:

    Lets go.

  2. hilman says:

    get the point, but don’t know what to do.. :)
    especially with the metallic balls. lol.
    but it’s fun anyway :)

  3. toxotis says:



  4. dg says:

    Strange! I linked to the game, and got a “congratulations” message! Apparently, I managed to escape in 1 minute and 12 seconds! And I didn’t even try! Well, I linked again, and this time I got the game. It should be easy the second time around ;-)