The Escape Game aka Escape the Bomb

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The Escape GameThe Escape GameThe Escape Game is a new Japanese Room Escape game released a couple of hours ago.

Available in both Japanese and English,“the game is about escaping from a room. Turn on your speakers. Hint: think realistically”.

Having read that, you should be now inspired to escape the room!

Enjoy the jigsaw puzzle in the trash bin, and try to figure out what to do with the different objects that you will find in this room. Hurry, at the time of writing, no one succeeded in escaping the room: will you be the first one?

Have fun!

Update: this game is also known as Escape the Bomb.

The Escape game walkthrough!

Play “The Escape Game 2″!

By Eric

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304 Comments to The Escape Game aka Escape the Bomb

  1. jason says:

    what is the code to disarm the bomb

  2. Rahib says:

    uhhhhhhhhhh it was sooo terrible that i thought that i m in the room . well it makes brain hurt but very amazing. Go ahead friend.. I wish to continue this game make it more different please.

  3. aaron says:

    where is the lighter