Haven – The Hospital

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HavenHavenHaven is the latest Room Escape / Adventure game released by Pixelatrix Games.

Based on psychiatric practices and the treatment of the mentally ill in the (not so distant) past, “Haven is actually composed of two games: Haven – The Hospital, and Haven – The Old Asylum. You wake up in a hospital room. The staff is dead, a few patients are missing, and you’re not feeling so good yourself. Are you alone? Can you get out? Will you solve the mystery of Haven? In order to reach your goal you’ll have to solve puzzles, confer with ghosts, unlock secrets, avenge past deeds, conquer evil, and restore faith in humanity. You have in your possession a pillowcase, a notebook, and a jack-in-the-box. Are you ready?”

The first part, The Hospital, is free to play and if you like it, you can purchase The Old Asylum for $10. “Even though the games are interconnected, they’re also complete and independent of each other and the players will not feel cheated if they only play the free game; the free game is pretty long, has many puzzles, and it does reach a conclusion: the player escapes the hospital. However, the second game is longer, spookier, and more challenging, it has a much more dramatic and satisfying story, and it solves the mystery of Haven”, the author said.

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Have fun!

Warning: there is gore and blood in Haven. You’ve been forewarned!

Haven – The Hospital video walkthrough (thanks Prid!)
Haven – The Hospital walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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76 Comments to Haven – The Hospital

  1. Prid says:

    Nice Game :D

  2. nokra says:

    I’m just starting, Prid. Is it that easy? no comments?

  3. Prid says:

    WOW! Awesome Game + Really Great Story!

    I’ve Got Into Several Rooms, And Found Some Keys. I Found Another Note On The Roof, And The Code Were In A Dead Victims Pocket!

    Anyways, Is Anyone Else Than Me Playing This Game?

  4. Prid says:

    @nokra: The Game Itself Is Pretty Easy, If You Ask Me! There Are Several Rooms, But Very Easy To Get Items, If You Just Read All The Notes And Stuff Like That :D

  5. Prid says:

    And You Don’t Even Have To Worry About Memorizing Codes And Stuff Like That. Most Of The Notes Goes In The Note Book :D

    Elevator Key: When You Leave You’re Room (Click On The Chair Next To It, To Break The Door), Go Inside The Room: “Station 3”! Click On Noteboard To Zoom In, And Take The Elevator Key!

    To Use An Item, Just Click The Box, And Then The White Pillow, “Pillow Case XXL”. Inside That, You’ve Got All The Items You’ve Collected. Anyways, Once Opened, Drag The Item To The Arrow Pointing Down, And Then Use It Where You Need To ;)

    Hope It Was Helpful!

  6. nokra says:

    Thanks, Prid…it is a cool game, even if a little gory it is done also with humor…a wicked sense of humor…lol appreciate the tips.. love the auto-notebook.

  7. nokra says:

    I.ll probably be here off and on …it isn’t a quick game so the save is useful…

  8. Prid says:

    Good To Hear, But I Am Currently Clueless!

    I’ve Got A Fish-Hook, A Nose Plier & A Syringe Filled With Some Kind Og Green Liquid [Found The Liquid Bottle In A Closet Using Key]

    STUCK! Any Help? Is Anyone Else Further Than Me?

  9. Raika says:

    I have


    I’m stuck.

  10. Prid says:

    @ Raika: You Know The Room Where The Skeleton Is Lying On A Bed? Use Plier On His Arm To Get It. Go Back To 3rd Floor, And Enter The Room In The Middle Of The Screen Where Staton 3 Is! Look Up, And Use Skeleton Hand To Get The Box. Click On All Of The Colors Until One Of Them Gets Brown. When The One Color Turns Brown, Click On Another One. If The First One Turn Back Into The Previous Color, You Have To Click That Color Again And Try Another Color, Until That Turns Brown. Do This Until All Of Them Are Brown, And Get A Red Ball!

    I Don’t Remeber The Combination, But I’ll Try:

    | 2 | 7 | 3 | 5 |
    | 4 | 6 | 1 | 8 |

    Star With The Color On Number 1 [Row 2, Column 3] And Try My Combination. What I Know Is Correct: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. I Am Not Sure About 6, 7 & 8. Try To Play With A Bit ;)

    However, Use The Red Ball On The Portrait Of A Clown Doctor! Get An Acess Card, And Use It On 1st Floor. There Is A Room Where You Need An Acess Card, You’ll Find It On The 1st Floor!

    I Don’t Actually Remember Much, But You’ll Get The Fish’s Name On A Graveyard, And Also A Key. It’s FINCH! Type The Name In The Code Box On The Fish’s Owners Room, And Get A Code For Recration Room And Matches. Goto Recreation Room, And Use Syringe On Nurse, And Take Wool. Combine Fish Hook And Wool, And Goto The Basement And Take The Key With The Fishhook + Wool! Once You Enter The Basement, It Says Registration Above The Place Where The Key Is!

    Don’t Remember Much! Turn Right On Basement, And Use Key On The Lock. You’ll Get To A Kitchen. Take The Lamp And Exit. Go Back To 3rd Floor, and Inside Station 3. Turn Lights Off, And Use Matches On Lamp, And Then Use On The Room, To Get A Moth! Go Back To Recreation Room And You’ll See A Guy Watching TV. Click To Zoom In, And Trade The Moth With “A THING” He’s Holding In His Hands!

    I Am Currently Stuck Here! Hope It Helped, Even Though I Don’t Remember Much. Anyways, I’ll Make A LONG Walkthrough After Finishing The Game ;)

  11. Prid says:

    Okay, Finished! On My Way Making Both, The Video And The Text Walkthrough. So, Stay In Touch, Cause I’m About To Make Much!

    • samaya says:

      hiya prid , how to i get the key for the closet to get the stuff for my syringe to get the nurse with please ?

  12. meh says:

    wheres the pliers

  13. Em says:

    Looking forward to your WT Prid.
    I´m stuck with all theese codes..haven´t figure out one of them beside the code to Exame room

  14. Chibi says:

    Does anyone know where to get the Records room code?

  15. Chibi says:

    Code for Exame room:

  16. Em says:

    Code to records room: Show

  17. Solanin says:

    for the records room

  18. Em says:

    Have to go…be back in an hour!
    Good Luck to you!
    All I have in my inventory now isShow

  19. Chibi says:


  20. Nádia says:

    is anyone else playing?
    found: Show

  21. Raika says:

    Thanks for the help, Prid. i only needed help with the removing the skeleton bone. I was able to do stuff on my own after that. Anyway, I’m stuck again, but I’m gonna try to figure it out by myself as it’s more fun that way.

    One thing I like about both this game and House is that the creepiness is genuine. It doesn’t come from cheap “screamers” in which a generic disturbing picture pops up accompanied by a loud scream. This has sound effects but… it’s hard to explain. It’s best to play it for yourself. However, in some ways Haven is even more disturbing because while this actual incident is fictional, the ideas about how to treat the mentally ill were actually practiced at one time. The pictures on the wall showing mental institutions in various parts of the world aren’t made up. Nonetheless, the game isn’t preachy and it has tongue-in-cheek humor mixed in with all the carnage.

  22. Raika says:

    Oh and Show

  23. Chibi says:

    And now stuck with the storage rooms boxcode ^^”’

  24. Dekkey says:

    I’m stuck where i need 6 dollars??? Can anyone help me there???

  25. Em says:

    thanks for help Chibi

  26. Em says:

    anyone know anything about the box in the record room?

  27. Dekkey says:

    count the number of sides of the shapes i think its 4 0 3

  28. White Wolf says:

    Yes. Record room box hint.
    Count the number of strait lines.

    Still stuck?


  29. meh says:

    where do u get the pliers????????

  30. Em says:

    thanks for the hint.

  31. Em says:

    hmmm. you dont need the key on the roof?
    I´m out without it.

  32. Em says:

    or is there different endings?

  33. Prid says:

    @Em: No, I Think The Key On The Roof Is For The Full Version :(

  34. Prid says:

    Video Walkthrough


  35. Thunder says:

    Stuck. Didn’t get anything yet.

  36. Thunder says:

    Forget that comment. I’m out of first room.

  37. Jade Wolf says:

    Interesting game. I enjoyed the free section of the game. Maybe someday soon I’ll buy the whole version…

  38. Prid says:

    The Game Itself Is Pretty Awesome, But It’s Also A Bit Hard. So I Decided To Make A Walkthrough :D

    NOTE: This Walkthrough Does Not Contain Steps, On What Information You Need To Write Down In Your Notebook, It’s Just A Normal Walkthrough That Shows You Step-By-Step How To Get Out :D

    How To Use An Item: Click The Box, And Then The White Pillow. Once You’re Inside, You’ll Be Able To See All Of Your Items! To Use One, Simply Drag It To The Arrow Pointing Down, And The Pillow Will Be Closed! Drag The Item Where It’s Needed ;)



    Have Fun Playing The Game, And Enjoy This Long Walkthrough! Please Tell Me Something About The Walkthrough, Spent More Than An Hour On It, And It’s Really Long :D

  39. SharpShooter says:

    Great game! I solved most of the puzzles with little to no help. :D Quite proud of myself. ^_^

    Debating whatever it is worth paying for the next part.

  40. Miette says:

    Thanks to everyone for playing my games, and Prid, thanks especially to you for your wonderful walkthroughs! I’ve posted them on the Haven page on my site.

  41. Nádia says:

    I´m out, thanks for the tips!!!
    really nice game, but I got lost in the rooms and codes!

  42. White Wolf says:

    Ya I saw you were going to write a walkthrough so I decided not to write one and let you do all the dirty work. LOL……
    Just kidding. Don’t you just hate the long ones…. :0)
    Good Job!
    Thanks Prid

  43. Pilly says:

    Could someone tell me how to get to ward c ? what are the three switches for? I love the game, I guess I’m just to dense to get very far, lol.

  44. Prid says:

    @ White Wolf: Haha, LOL! Yeah, It Was A Pain In The Ass, And You Got Away With It XD

    Anyways, Thanks :)

    @ Miette: Wow! It’s A Huge Honor To Get A Reply From The Game Maker, And Thank YOU SO MUCH FOR Including My Walkthroughs On Your Site :D

    And Thanks To Everyone Else ^^

  45. jackivee says:

    Great walkthrough, Prid! Sure must have taken a long time. Thanks.

    I am sure everyone appreciates your efforts, but who purchases walkthroughs?? Most of the time they are available on escapegames24 first…

  46. jackivee says:

    @Prid, omigosh, you meant purchase the game! Sorry, I misunderstood.

    Again, fantastic walkthrough. I really like the written ones best. Your’s are so clear!

  47. goldie says:


  48. ellie says:

    Thanks Prid great walkthrough,great game!

  49. Miette says:

    Pilly and anyone else playing Haven-The Old Asylum, I can offer hints if you need them. You can also email me if you need help, my email is at the bottom of the page on my site.

    Thanks for playing Haven!

  50. Miette says:

    Prid, please email me when you get a chance, I have something I would like to discuss with you.