Cover Front 3: Night In Zurich

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Covert FrontCover Front 3: Night in ZurichCovert Front Episode 3: Night In Zurich is live!

Covert Front is a Point’n’Click “spy” series created by Mateusz Skutnik that takes place “in 1904, but in a different reality-line, where the First World War has already begun due to earlier technical revolution that took place in the mid 19th century.

In Covert Front, you are an agent code-named Kara and your mission is to investigate the disappearance of General Karl von Toten.

The game is divided into four equal parts, all being chapters of the same story.”

In this third episode, “our top secret agent Kara finds herself in a train station in Zurich with new orders – to apprehend the mysterious scientist Karl von Toten. But who is that watching her from across the station? Kara will have to use all of her cunning to bring in the rogue scientist and avoid meeting a grim end herself.”

I’m sure Cover Front fans won’t miss this one!

Have fun!

Cover Front 3: Night in Zurich video walkthrough (thanks Tass!)

Cover Front 3: Night in Zurich walkthrough (thanks jennifercsu!)

By Eric

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28 Comments to Cover Front 3: Night In Zurich

  1. Sylli says:

    yes finally the 3rd Part one has on it a long wait! :-))

  2. hilman says:

    still loading… :)

  3. hilman says:

    open the locker, now stuck :p

  4. hilman says:

    manage to get out from the station and rent a room :p

  5. hilman says:

    manage to open room 13, and stuck again

  6. sylli says:

    been caught by Manfred Nikolai and now stuck

  7. Ray says:

    what’s the code?

  8. GG. says:



    but now I’m stuck…

  9. Sylli says:

    What do you Ray, for cupboard at the station?

  10. Yoko says:

    Flick through the Bible

  11. Tasselfoot says:

    Covert Front 3: Night in Zurich full walkthrough… removed the cut scenes to make the video a bit shorter. Still almost 8 minutes.



  12. Tasselfoot says:

    Erm… that didn’t code the way I wanted it to. Sorry Erik. :-/. The “enjoy!” is the link to the video.

  13. hilman says:

    hahaha, turns out quite easy compare to the previous one :)
    but i don’t know how to get in the library, thanks to tasselfoot..
    the rest of the game, i did it myself.. :)

  14. sian says:

    this game is really really good. not to challenging but just makes you think 10/10 brilliant

  15. Rei says:

    Yay it’s out time to play!

  16. Momo says:

    awesome game! Can’t wait for the 4th game

  17. anna says:

    I can only open the first page of the “mission” letters is this normal?
    No hint here about the locker!

  18. victoria says:

    great game

  19. anne says:

    can’t open or get startet library part?
    what to do?
    Tried several times

  20. BLM says:

    i agreed with anne.the library part made me doesnt start

  21. goldie says:

    I love these game,thnx all.

  22. Neo1708 says:

    I sure hope it’s only me, but I can’t seem to get the title of chapter three to continue on it’s way…the rest of the effects are fine, sound, music, the rest. I just can’t continue from this point. Did I mess this up? I really hope it’s me.

  23. jennifercsu says:


    1. railway station


    2. safe house


    3. the library


    4. trapped


    5. the airfield.


  24. awan_kelabu says:

    help! how to Show

  25. awan_kelabu says:

    whoops! just figured out my mistake. ignore me.

  26. Ele says:

    Fantastic game!!!

  27. yssa says:


  28. sab says:

    I cant find the spots on the wall either. Ive tried everything. Please help…