D’s Star Festival Story

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D's Star Festival StoryD’s Star Festival Story is the latest Room Escape game created by Doradora (D’s Hide-and-Seek, D’s Sakura, D’s Find Chocolates and many more). “It’s July 7 today. The day when I can meet Altair once a year.
My younger sister who is the rival in love, shut me up in a room…”
Have fun!

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By Eric

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20 Comments to D’s Star Festival Story

  1. SharpShooter says:

    decorated the tree, found two batteries, a note, and a box with a code. now i’m suck! Show

  2. mona says:

    ION AST AND EASE EAST OX?????????? WHAT THE F…….???

  3. Sylli says:



  4. Sandra says:

    I’m as far as you are, but don’t know how to find the code and is there something to do with the Water and Fire?

  5. Sylli says:

    I try just the code s to find numbers in the pool 365, for water / vessel found no stove, pots can not take into inventory in the TV … trying Horoscopes 3243, or with letters at the bottom of the TV rack, but it’s missing the 4 …

  6. Sylli says:

    wanted to write – for the water tank and stove not found :-)

  7. Sylli says:

    Horoscopes fits together with colored stars from bed, the code for the box:


  8. nokra says:

    I guess this game is no longer live? Did everyone give up?

  9. nokra says:

    Sylli, code for box didn’t work for me…

  10. Dee says:

    I can`t find the second battery

  11. Solanin says:

    I cant seem to get a happy ending… I’ve only gotten the “mushroom” and the “unknown altair” ending…

  12. Sylli says:



  13. kara says:

    any one still here

  14. Ronja says:

    For happy end : Show

  15. Reka says:

    I’m quite stuck. Here’s what I have:

    And that’s all I’s gots. :/

  16. Reka says:

    Forgot one thing: Show

  17. goldie says:

    Happy End. Thnx All.

  18. monkmingo-monkey+flamingo says:

    Where the heck are u guys figuring this stuff out? someone pleeze!!!!!!!! post a walkthrough. Pleeezzze!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is all i have to say thank u for listening.


  19. Lisa says:

    I found a walkthrough on Escape Games 24. Credit and thanks go to mmmthatsjuicy (and Martin for the tip about the door) – I just cleaned it up a bit and made it more readable 8-):