Car Escape

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Car EscapeIn Car Escape, the latest Room Escape game from Korean site Bangtal, you find yourself locked in a car. If you read Korean, you will understand why; if you don’t, well it doesn’t really matter. All that you want is to escape from this car! Have fun!

Car Escape walkthrough (thanks Grootmoeder and kudos to Redroobar!)

By Eric

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32 Comments to Car Escape

  1. Grootmoeder says:

    Yes, new game
    I will try

  2. sue says:

    just started have sponge and cd but stuck got to go work but be back

  3. Mel says:

    You can zoom in on Show

    and Show

    but haven’t figured out what to do there.

  4. Mia says:

    OK lets try

  5. Mia says:

    The only thing I found so far

    Anyone else playing?

  6. Mia says:



  7. Sylli says:

    found until now,


  8. Sylli says:


  9. Sylli says:

    know someone in such icons back machine?

    CD shows icons as numbers, but can not find code

  10. daber says:

    so how do I get under the driver’s seat? I’ve clicked all over.

  11. daber says:

    too frustrating for this early in the morning here….bye for now

  12. Sylli says:

    very confusing with the code for the machine …


    bottom left of the driver’s seat next click, zoom of the page and then on round thing, pushing the driver’s seat to the rear

  13. lkbrianz says:

    what is the rear door u mention?

  14. lkbrianz says:

    ok i know what you mean lift both of the head rest then use sponge to open middle compartment then use yellow key to open the box.

  15. lkbrianz says:

    use blue key insert into car key slot which near the steering wheel. then turn it to acc and insert the CD into player and u will see the code for the slot machine.

  16. lkbrianz says:

    Back of the CD:

  17. lkbrianz says:

    found red coin in front right seat, click on bottom right edge of visable seat then click on the recline to get red coin

  18. lkbrianz says:

    move mouse to top right of key cylinder and a white rotation arrow will come up allowing you to turn the key

  19. lkbrianz says:

    when you zoom in on the screwdriver you can click on the sliver part and take out that tip and replace it with the other tip

  20. lkbrianz says:


  21. lkbrianz says:

    for mine slot machine code is 1646 which is >< — ^^ —

  22. lkbrianz says:

    turn on the phone by click on the right round button on the phone

  23. juliette says:

    someone have the code for the machine and the bookcase?

  24. Grootmoeder says:

    The game is difficult

    I have found : walkthrough written by Redroobar

    Thanks Redroobar


    code for suitcase is :

    code to get button from slot machine:

  25. Ray says:

    10x, Grootmoeder! the game’s realy difficult)

  26. daber says:

    Thanks Sylli. I finally found it…and eventually managed to get out.

  27. DNOMN8R says:

    Cannot open speaker w/screwdriver!

  28. DNOMN8R says:

    Got it WOW that was a pixel hunt.

  29. dg says:

    Does anybody understand how to figure out the code for the slot machine from all the clues?

    So, how do you get the code given by Grootmoeder? Maybe you need to understand Korean to understand

    Another problem with this game is not only the pixel hunting but also the fact that you sometimes need to click a zillion times!

  30. Deb says:

    dg, I absolutely agree. I won’t spend time on pixel hunting, especially when you find a button (by the bottom of the seat) and I clicked it literally a hundred times.

    I gave up, then read the walkthrough so did it again, this time it worked.

    I have no time for games that don’t follow logic or just frustrate the player.

  31. Katie says:

    how do i open the speaker?

  32. lolo says: