Find the Escape Men 1

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Find the Escape Men - part 1 - In the BathroomIn Find the Escape Men – part 1 – In the Bathroom, you find yourself locked in a Bathroom. Bathroom is a great source of inspiration for Room Escape games developers. If you like this one, also checkout games like  Escape Series#4: the Bathroom, Room Bath and many more. Have fun!

Find the Escape Men 1 walkthrough (thanks hilman!)

By Eric

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25 Comments to Find the Escape Men 1

  1. Kayla says:

    first! stuck with tape rod and solution :(

  2. Sylli says:

    Hi, has 3 green Männel, a sponge, toothbrush, mug, 2 bottles, blue ball and broken tap … supposes sometimes waters need around sponge and spots clean

  3. Sylli says:

    yet neon lamp and yellow box, receive bath salt

  4. Sylli says:


  5. Sylli says:


  6. Sylli says:


  7. Shavya says:

    just starting…

  8. Sylli says:

    Hello Shavya search a lot of luck with the man!:-) I still search 10 men

  9. Shavya says:

    wherez d toothbrush?

  10. Shavya says:

    thanx sylli

  11. Shavya says:

    hey on the bathtub scene…theres a poster of a dolphin above the tub…n if u click it then behind it theres a cleaner or sumthn n then i put that cleaner on the green board and then rubbed it with a sponge….nw theres some strange pattern

  12. Shavya says:

    what do i do with the rod??

  13. hilman says:


    btw, stucked..

    and don’t know what to do next..

  14. hilman says:

    fool me..

    out.., turns out i’m missing one item. lol.

  15. Shavya says:

    when i try to swtich on the bath it says the stopper isn’t fixed yet…and then when i try to fix the stopper it says it isn’t cleaned….n when i try to clean it…it doesn’t clean it…what do i do!???

  16. Shavya says:

    i need a walkthrough

  17. Shavya says:

    i gt 5 small men

  18. Shavya says:

    6 small men

  19. Shavya says:

    7 small men

  20. Shavya says:

    completed the game..!!m out!

  21. hilman says:


  22. Jade Wolf says:

    *hilman – Thanks for the walkthrough!

  23. Deb says:

    hilman, thank you for the walkthrough.

    what a clever and cute game.

  24. goldie says:

    Very nice game. Thnxx for the W.T.

  25. Zashkaser says:

    Good to see you’re doing some research to fill in the ???