Phage Wars 2

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Phage Wars 2Phage Wars 2 is live! The sequel to the strategy game Phage Wars developed by Phil Hassey offers the same gameplay, with a few minor innovations. But the best part of Phage Wars  2 is the AI of your opponents, way better than in the original game.  Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.33


5 Comments to Phage Wars 2

  1. Snowman says:

    The “Have fun!” link leads to a page where you can play the game!… sorry, you have to go to Armor Games to play the game.
    Edit: link updated, my mistake.

  2. Prid says:

    Quite Fun, but gets challenging after a while!

    Anyways, great game. And there are sure alot of levels, so there is ONE thing I can assure you…. And even PROMISE you! I WILL NOT MAKE A VIDEO WALKTHROUGH FOR THIS GAME!!!! Sorry. It will just get TOO LOOOOONNG to make it :P


  3. Reka says:

    @Prid, this isn’t a point-and-click game, so it would be pretty much impossible (not to mention pointless) to make a walkthrough. :)

  4. Reka says:

    I don’t think the AI is all that much more intelligent in this version. With the upgrades (“new genes”), it’s pretty easy to make a virus that will easily trounce anything the AI can throw at it. I’m finding myself trying to make the game harder – giving the AI a head start, not attacking “virgin” cells, using single-cell attacks only… I still have yet to lose a game.

  5. JTEliteMarine says:

    wow the second group of experiments is so hard!