Treasure Hunter Escape – 3

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Treasure Hunter Escape - 3Treasure Hunter Escape - 3Treasure Hunter Escape – 3 is the 78th Room Escape game from 123Bee.

“After collecting the treasure hints from the mysterious ship, Captain John Marvel resumes his treasure hunting process at the Virgin Island.

While he travels to Virgin Island, the pirates start to chase him. Unfortunately, the captain’s boat faces a bad situation as it breaks, and he reaches the Buck Island, a part of the Virgin Island.

In Buck island, there is a bridge, which connects the island with the Crocix Island directly. The best way to escape from the pirates is to destroy the way which is used to reach Crocix Island. “

Have fun!

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Treasure Hunter Escape – 3 walkthrough and video valkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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57 Comments to Treasure Hunter Escape – 3

  1. Anonymouse says:

    if you’re gonna time a game at least have a pause button- 30 minute countdown

  2. monte says:

    i got compass, map paper, lit match, rope, axe?

  3. monte says:

    crossed bridge and put star in box?

  4. monte says:

    after i put three shapes in box i got telescope/

  5. monte says:

    made torc but have no idea how to open the cave. i move around the symbols but really have no idea hoe to put them?

  6. Sgt. Pepper says:

    monte. Show

    I’m stuck in the cave.

  7. liz says:

    ok im rubbish…cant find a bridge or a star lol

  8. gorgonzola says:

    where is the bridge? another game?

  9. monte says:

    sgt pepper, i did use the tele on the map but iam still confused. can you help?

  10. monte says:

    ow back side, forget it

  11. kara says:

    you can go up tree in 1st scene but stuck after

  12. monte says:

    sgt pepper,

  13. liz says:

    cheers kara :)

  14. kara says:

    found bridge but how many time do you have to click to get over

  15. monte says:


  16. liz says:


  17. kara says:

    i cant get over bridge

  18. monte says:

    then put tele on the compass and three spin things show up

  19. monte says:

    don’t keep clicking, just click once and then go back

  20. monte says:

    for tele on campass

  21. kara says:

    ive gotShow

  22. monte says:

    kara you only need three shapes for the box in the temple. look to the left of the view with the temple, or to the right of the cave door

  23. monte says:

    st pepper, you still playing, i opened the thing once you get into the cave and i got key and medicine but have no idea how to use it

  24. AlieMae says:

    i canot find an axe but i put a rope in a tree

  25. kara says:

    ok im an idiot

  26. monte says:

    i need help, someone get into the cave with me please.

  27. kara says:

    timed out

  28. kara says:

    im not sure on caves yet but there are diff shapes in some of the rooms

  29. kara says:

    sorry cant help ive got an hair appoint good luck guys and ill probably try again later

  30. monte says:

    those shapes give you the code for when you put the compass on the first stump and then use the tele. i gave the code earlier

  31. AlieMae says:

    How do you get the compass on the teliscope

  32. D says:

    I got in the cave but can’t do anything. Won’t let me put the compass on the stump. . . I was able to burn down the bridge with the match after crossing.

  33. monte says:

    you don’t. you put the compass on the stump right when you enter the cave, then you use the telescope on the three lines under the compass and then the symbols show up again…

  34. Prid says:

    Where to use the potion/medicine and the key?


  35. monte says:

    that is where i am stuck too and i have been stuck there for over three startovers. i am pissed

  36. monte says:

    i just keep trying everything at the cave door screen

  37. Prid says:

    I am trying all of the items I’ve got on every room of the cave, you too try it. Then maybe one of us will finish the game ;)


  38. monte says:

    prid: what do you think

  39. monte says:

    i seriuosly hav tried that i think, unless i missed one

  40. sur says:

    For stop the timer:Show

  41. Shmeddie says:


  42. D says:

    I can’t do anything once I get inside the cave. Any suggestions. . .?

  43. Prid says:

    What to do? I must have tried EVERYTHING! Or maybe NOT! Keep clickin!


  44. monte says:

    this sucks

  45. monte says:

    oops another time out and the pirates got me. i am goiung to burn the bridge this time and wait for someone else to finish the end

  46. monte says:

    i am back in the cave but this time i burnt the bridge..hehehe

  47. kara says:

    go monte go

  48. monte says:

    i went over and played the panda game. it is much better than this. i am quitting. you should too, go play panda

  49. Dimwit says:

    Once in the cave it feels like we’re one item short….like maybe some TNT for the rock pile that says cave door.

  50. Prid says:

    And …. OUT! On my way making the VIDEO & TEXT Walkthrough!