Panda BIG Adventure

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Panda's BIG AdventurePanda's BIG AdventureThe Panda character created by Rob Donkin and RobotJam for the Panda Tactical Sniper series is back in a new Point’n’Click adventures, Panda’s BIG Adventure!

“On a secret mission Panda discovers a time traveling ‘portaloo’ machine.

Our hero decides to go for a ride but things go horribly wrong as parts of the machine are scattered across time.

Travel back as far as the Prehistoric ages to help Panda return home safely.”

Easy game, but very well done!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.70


27 Comments to Panda BIG Adventure

  1. DNOMN8R says:

    First! Now to start…

  2. liz says:

    really cute, fun game :)

  3. DNOMN8R says:

    beat w/ 3 out of 9 critters.

  4. Irid says:

    it was more a storybook travelling machine than a time travelling machine, wasn’t it?

  5. DNOMN8R says:

    Walkthrough! (Critters not included)

    Start Game:

    Repair the machine:


    Frankenstein’s Castle:

    Medieval Times:

    Prehistoric Times:

    Medieval Times:

    Egypt/Mummy’s Tomb:


    The Pirate Ship:

    To be concluded…

  6. Jade Wolf says:

    Entertaining! I LOVE the Doctor Who reference with the time machine… Looks an awful lot like the tardis, doesn’t it??? :) Especially when it showed the scene of it traveling through space. I love David Tennant and Tom Baker! Best Doctors ever!

  7. LaughingPoodle says:

    Fun game!!

  8. Heluu says:

    good game haha easy and funny

  9. Linda USA says:

    wow – loved this game – alot of thinking involved – give me more!!!

  10. Tom says:

    Easy game, no need for a walkthorugh.

    Can’t believe what took me the longest to figure out was –


  11. idowantpie says:

    haha i love this game i cant wait for the second part. theres nothing not to love with it :)

  12. Musice4Life says:

    what happends when you find all 9 critters?

    locations of critters i did find

    Prehistoric times

    Medieval Times

    Mummy’s Tomb

    Frankenstein’s Castle

    Pirate Ship

    there are the location of 9 critters but you have to be quick to get them or you’ll miss your chance

  13. gooby says:

    is there a panda part 2 yet?

  14. Animal Lover says:

    Does anyone know where piece 3 for the repairs is? i can’t find it.

  15. game shed says:

    This is one of the best puzzle-solving adventure game I’ve ever played so far but unfortunately is very short :( It only toked me about 5-15 minutes to solve without using any walkthrough.

    PS: I’ve found all 9 critters :P

  16. Brenda says:

    i can’t find the stupid gun powder!!!!

  17. KeAsiah says:

    that really help the game was sooo fun : )

  18. KeAsiah says:

    I SOOO CANNOT WAIT 4 PART 2 if there is a part 2 ??? LOL FUN GAME BTW

  19. memecicoo says:

    CAN ANYONE HELP ME? the only thing i can do is kill the dinosaur

  20. LONGHORN621 says:

    too bad nothing happens when you get all the critters, but still awesome game!!

    It was cool :)

  21. MarChick32397 says:

    Where is the stupid gun powder

  22. Elva18 says:

    Take hammer and Show

  23. jeremy says:

    i hate the mummy <

  24. laurie says:

    How on earth do i dig up the sapling??

  25. frankie says:

    how do you pick up critters
    its a great game though :P


    Gr8 game and lol @ Show

    Very weird and actually possible to complete unlike the sequel

  27. muzzer says:

    how do i get leonards box open help