Escape Carmine Room

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Escape Carmine RoomEscape Carmine RoomEscape Carmine Room is the latest Room Escape game created by Paul aka Paskapet from Russia.

“Rupert has a new job at a museum.

Help him restore a vandalized masterpiece so that he can go home!”

Another – very – challenging Escape game from Paskapet!

Have fun!

Escape Carmine Room walkthrough (thanks pOlo!). Another walkthrough (thanks Juli!)

Escape Carmine Room video walkthrough!

By Eric

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119 Comments to Escape Carmine Room

  1. Sylli says:

    Rubber-in-hand to the guard, falls on his feet, then once out of picture and back, guards away key on the ground

  2. Caro says:

    Can anyone please make a picture of where exactly to tap to get the helmet?

  3. Caro says:

    There are 3 pieces of the statue in the picture, 4 front and 1 back of statue, 4 fingers on the horseman, 1 on chart (blue left top), several in the camera (try everypart that seems out of place)

  4. Yoko says:

    Do you mean the gum should be put in the same hand that holds the key? (tried that to no avail.)

  5. Caro says:

    You can only give the gum after the horse had moved

  6. Yoko says:

    Can you pls give me a clue on how to make it move?

  7. Caro says:

    You need Show

    turn it and press the button besides the lever Show

  8. pOlo says:

    out finnaly… !!!

    will post a walkthorugh if i have the time..

  9. Caro says:

    pOlo please post exactly where to knock to get the helmet, please! It doesn’t work for me. If you can post a picture it would be even beter.

  10. Sylli says:

    yes Yoko, where guards have keys in hand, rubber type … so it worked for me

    Helm I have not yet clicked on like crazy … must be from his laser?
    But nowhere is where …

  11. Caro says:

    I have found the 5 things that move Show

    but cannot move the painting in the Show

    Any other suggestions on which order please?

  12. Sylli says:

    picture because … because next door open, broom cupboard, broom click several times, and also try to hammer until sometime falls picture

  13. pOlo says:

    @ you dont have to knock against the helmet glass.
    at the end, the lasers are gone and you can use the hammer (and only the hammer) and just kock against it.
    i think the first was a bug, doesnt work any longer

  14. pless stuessy says:

    how do you get the picture off of the wall?

  15. beebee476 says:

    It only shakes and will not fall

  16. beebee476 says:

    I have clicked on everything in the picture will not fall. HELP?

  17. Sylli says:

    ah thank Polo notice, can you please say which part of the head left on the nose, where wart in the middle will be located? such later still LoL

  18. pOlo says:

    @ caro is there an order? i just clicked every and then it fall down :D

  19. Solanin says:

    I cant seem to be able to use the key from the guard…

  20. Caro says:

    Use the key in the camera

  21. Sylli says:

    The creator is a jokekeks:


  22. pOlo says:

    with the lolly:


  23. Julie says:

    argh! Can’t exit room within the camera. Is this a bug

  24. nana says:

    how do you put the sculpture together?

  25. nokra says:

    I think you have to put the cane in the horses tail? first!!!!!!

  26. Ivy says:

    How do you use the guard’s key? I have it but can’t use it!

  27. bones says:

    ahhh how long do i have to wait for the lady to leave her camera?

  28. Sylli says:

    not have to wait,


  29. pOlo says:

    (sorry for my bad english;))

  30. aleashy says:

    Here are the pieces…

    If you can’t find some of the pieces I think its because each game changes slightly, for example the game I just did, did not have a piece on the back of the womans thigh, and did not have a piece in the camera on the mans head.

  31. ney says:

    how do i get out of the living room picture thingy??

  32. aleashy says:

    click the bottom of the screen

  33. ney says:

    all that does is bring up the camera tried clicking everywhere in there too. :(

  34. Barbie says:

    I’m having the same problem

  35. fred says:

    HELP ME! i am trapped inside the picture! lol its like in luigi’s mansion. except i’m not mario.

  36. aleashy says:

    if you click the bottom of the camera room screen(living room), it takes you back to the camera and then you can just click the x to close the camera…

  37. aleashy says:

    if you are trying to get the piece behind the picture, i don’t know the sequence but you need to click on all the things that make the picture rock back and forth until it falls. i spent a few minutes clicking on various things like plants and the table, eventually you will get it right and the picture will fall.

  38. Lanadoll says:

    Pick up the note from the table.

  39. Sylli says:

    Helm had been more in Luke, as described in the walkthrough, and could not escape … this may be a bug in the game?

  40. pOlo says:

    @ sylli

    yes, i had that problem, too.. but the next time i tried it, it worked again.. so it may be a bug i think

  41. pOlo says:

    again explanation for the picture in camera:


  42. Lanadoll says:

    you have to turn off the information switch so you can give the security guard the gum

  43. Lanadoll says:

    i cant seem to get past the room in the picture.grrrr

  44. Pudinator says:

    i tried a thousand times to give the guard the chewing gum… no chance… is there a point, where i have to *click*???

    oh… and yes, i shut down the information screen…

    the guard is already chewing a gum, perhaps i must do something that he drops his one???

    thx for your help

  45. nokra says:

    i finally got the freaking last piece out of the picture in the camera room!!! now I am stuck in the camera…start over…now cannot pick up the stupid nipple…it keeps farting at me…a funny but challenging game I’ll give the creator that but how many times do I have to replay the game? I WILL beat this!!!!Later…

  46. goldie says:

    I love this games, but lot of bugs here. I play this game many hours.
    Thnx All, to you!!

  47. dg says:

    If you are in the Show

    do NOT enter Show

  48. aleashy says:


  49. Kelli says:

    Having trouble assembling statue…I know where all pieces go, just can’t make them go there. Can someone help with the order to put them on?

  50. Irid says:


    Don’t feel like playing it again though *shrug*