Bloons Insanity

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Bloons InsanityBloons InsanityGood news for all Bloons fans, the next installment in the never ending Bloons series created by Stephen Harris is live, and this one is called Bloons Insanity!

This new pack contains 50 new levels – as usual – “Not for the faint of heart or the unprepared. Bloons Insanity is 50 of the most diabolical levels made by our twisted user community!

You know the drill: use your mouse to aim, click and hold to choose the power of your throw and then release. Pop as many bloons as possible!

Don’t forget to turn on the unlimited dart mode in case you get stuck (and you will!).

Have fun!

Bloons Insanity video walkthrough!

By Eric

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14 Comments to Bloons Insanity

  1. ALB says:

    Here goes with the balloons…

  2. bob says:

    i cant even get passed level one!

  3. Rei says:

    Me either -_-

  4. kondr says:

    2 levels passed :)

  5. sooz says:

    aah wonderful bloons – got through the first couple currently stuck on 4 – i can see what i need to do but im buggered if i can do it :-)

  6. sooz says:

    had to go to unlimited darts but FINALLY got level 4 ….. now stuck on level 5 grrrrrrr love it

  7. Mary says:

    i cant even get past level 1. this is sooooo frustrating :(

  8. fathotdog says:

    Im stuck on level 4 Its so hard!!!!!!!!! >:(

  9. Natasha says:

    how do you do level 1 read below

  10. marshrat says:

    You can do level 1 without unlimited, but its tough….


  11. joe says:

    i cant get past level 4!
    its pissin me off!!!
    any1 no how to do it lol!

  12. Alejandra says:

    I can’t past level 4! >:(

  13. blahhh says:

    Any help on level 1 available ?? its hard :(

  14. caek says:

    lvl 1 you have to chuck the dart up towhere it goes down one of the sides. then hurry and point towards the other one and shoot it when it floats up