Virtual Villagers: A New Home

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Virtual Villagers is a village simulator where you care for and nurture a tribe of little people by teaching them the basics of survival.

The object of the game is to grow a small village in your computer: your little villagers need to become farmers, builders, researchers, and parents and make decisions on unpredictable island events!

As the village grows and prospers, the villagers become curious about their mysterious island home and the secrets it holds. Aside from guiding the villagers’ day-to-day lives, the player helps them to explore their mysterious new island home and the secrets it holds.

How will you lead your tribe of Virtual Villagers?

  • 16 island puzzles to discover
  • Real-time, simulation gameplay.
  • Hundreds of unique villagers.
  • Uncover mysteries as you play.
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By Eric

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91 Comments to Virtual Villagers: A New Home

  1. Megan01540 says:

    what happens after the golden child opens the cave? i’m confused. plz help!

  2. shanondoa says:

    hey does anybody know what the mountiain looking tech is???????

  3. bubba says:

    OMG! i have had the game for days. I have 3 women nursing for 2 REAL days and it stll says 120 minutes!!!!!!!!!!! HELP! i increased the speed but nothing happened.

  4. sparkle says:

    how do you get more tech points,help me

  5. tiffani says:

    i too have found that u can type in “techpoint” to get unlimited tech, but alas, i have not a clue where to type it.. i have tried to type while playing, when paused, adding it as a character name and on the opening screen…. anyone have any idea how this is done?? please let me know!! i have had 11 villages all die due to lack of food…:(

  6. tiffani says:

    bubba, if you set your pc time up say like 2 hours and go back and play it too helps speed things along. just dont do it often and dont do it and jump like 6 hours ahead or they could possibly die. also if you close the game and reset ur pc clock to the right time, it doesn’t reset the game.. seems to not affect it if you set the clock backwards, just forwards…

  7. bree says:

    Does abyone know an cheat codes for a new home? I only have girls and they dont know very much and i have not been on so my master ppl died and i dont haveamny puzzles solved.i have level 2 in almost everythihng but farming please help

  8. Taylor says:

    it takes a long time to pass the game!
    at first i thought it would be boring but now that i understand it and get wat to do i think that it is really time
    all u pls who are asking how to do things take the walkthrough hints that is wat helped me the most
    u just have to take one step at a time and try to get the hang of the game first of all so u know wat things u need to do
    yes i know it takes a while but it is fun to play take ur time so you can do really good!also from all the other websites i looked at htis is the one that helped me the best out of all of them.

  9. temptnteazr says:

    i have completed 15 out of the 16 puzzles on VV: A new home, i have over 8000 berries left on the tree, over 26000 food in the food bin, 800 plants that could be harvested an unlimited supply of fish in the ocean… 2 elderly 61year old males working on an everlasting dig site for treasure and a 5year old golden child who insists on throwing parties and replenishing my food sources… i wish there was some way to speed on the digging so my only 2 people left would complete the buried treasure puzzle before dying from old age… and i wish there was some way to carry over all this food and tech points into virtual villagers 2 and from there eventually virtual villagers 3….

    • Ashlyn says:

      On my iPod, I can make my villagers younger. Click on your villager that you want to make younger, go to Deatails screen, upgrade, and put those points to use! Youth thing will make them 35 years younger!

  10. Melissa says:

    You need to buy the farming tech points and then drag and drop the villagers to the brown rectangle pach to plant new crops and into the ocean to learn to fish.

  11. Lila says:

    HEY PPLZ!!!! on a new home, try and get lots of kids then wen u find 1 mushroom, PAUSE IT and quickly drag ALL the kids onto it it works but only on a new home not the lost children or secret city

  12. richard says:

    to do that u must have the second level of farming.

  13. how to make tech points faster than reasearching!!!!!!
    give me cheats to make it PLZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

  14. Samm says:

    hey i need 2 know how 2 type in cheatzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP MEEE

  15. lexie says:

    so to get the golden child you put a woman with a chils IN the lagoon? Any woman?

  16. lexie says:

    i cannot do the treasure thing! i put people on it but they just meander around then leave!

  17. lexie says:

    To move that stinkin’ bolder u gotta get the golden child(thats hilarious:) to stand next to the cactus by the big bolder. He will stand there for i bit, then…….. TADA! drag a person inside the cave then read that stuff.

  18. lexie says:

    whadda ya do when u finish the puzzles and the tech points, but you still havent fond and “secret” of Isola?

  19. see says:

    how do you get off the first part of the island?!!!!

  20. nathan says:

    does the techpoint cheat work and where do you type it in

  21. Baby says:

    I need cheats PLZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! Can someone tell me and where do I put or type it in????????????? Mainly tech and for food.

  22. bonnie says:

    Hey I read that tech cheat and tried to figure out where to type it when I ran across an article that said that the makers of this game didn’t write in any cheats. So you can be as frustrated as I was, or you can do the computer clock trick (setting your computer time ahead a few hours at a time). It works because the game goes by your pc clock. Just be careful and make sure you have a good population, with alot of food. The first time I did it I killed 6 people at once and ended up with only 2 guys, so I had to start over.

  23. Lisa_x says:

    If you want to produce more babies quiker and not have to wait around then drop a female villager onto a male or vice versa. when their status says going indoors then drag and drop 1 of them onto the other a second time. this should now make the female have a baby! for me this has saved all of the hassle of waitin for them 2 go inside the hut and come out again. hope it helps the rest of you!x

  24. Lisa_x says:

    To gain more tech points put all but 2 of your villagers’ skills to research and put them at the table. put the other 2 as farmers. research gets you more tech points and the farmers can keep up the food supply.

  25. Lisa_x says:

    also… if you make all of the females pregnant at the same time it will obviously increase ur population.. when u reach a certain population then new construction can be done and u will see scaffoldin wher new huts can be built. this will also make ur tech points increase and also increase the skill of the villagers. be careful tho because the babies and children consume the same amount of food as the adults! so if u havent got loads of food or u r runnin out of food supply then this isnt a good idea for you. for the rest of u who have plenty of food tho.. try it!x

  26. Brookester says:

    OMG!!! i have all the tech tiles and all the puzzles and it wont say i finished the game whats next can someone tell me????

  27. Irum says:

    I guess the “techpoint” works! Rename all of your master scientist “techpoint” and put them all in to research!

  28. village-aholic says:

    yeah this ending is uber anti-climactic… there is none!!! i finished all the puzzles and fully researched everything, and nothin! i have 90 villagers which i believe is the most you can have and nothing, and i dont get the SECRET of isola, and what the heck clue are you supposed to get from the cave cuz honestly i got nuthin!!

  29. kate says:

    how do u clear the rocks in the north west corner

  30. staac says:

    They won’t make a baby:(
    They going indoors
    But there is no baby:O
    I don’t no what to do:(

  31. staac says:

    I won’t get further unless i have more techpoints!:(

  32. Brandi says:

    how do i grow more berries????

  33. how? says:

    how do u get ur child back when it ran away

  34. Karinnarre says:

    U don’t always get babies, only sometime, you have to keep trying again and again until it finally works and also you don’t get the baby as soon as they come out of the house, only slightly later. U have to wait and you get more berries, i waited for a couple of days and i had more berries grow back.

  35. Chunky monkey says:

    urg! in what order do you buy things with tech points!!!! helpppp!

  36. Magz says:

    if u click the time at the bottom of ur screen and change it an hour ahead or 1o min or wut ever u want, the game will go farther head but just be carul about wut u do because u will go through ur food really fast… but when u change the time back to normal, make sure that u exited out of the game first or esle u will majorly mess up ur game… its help me alot but it also mest me up too… hope that helps! :D

  37. Mick Loop says:


  38. Hannah says:

    where do you type techpoint to get techpoints

  39. Tj says:

    If you name your sientests techpoint and your farmers food it increasses