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MorbidMorbid Mateusz Skutnik and Maciej Palka from Pastel games offers us a new black and white Point’n’Click Adventure game, Morbid!

“In the year of 1347, Europe was flooded with Black Death plague. Millions of people died in the agonizing pain.

But not all of them stayed dead…”

Find out how Morbid this game is!

Have fun!

Morbid walkthrough (thanks morbid!)

By Eric

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67 Comments to Morbid

  1. monte says:

    just loading

  2. ff04oon says:


  3. monte says:

    i got hammer, ladder and some piece of paper. pretty stuck at this point, but it is pretty cool

  4. ff04oon says:

    so far i have found

  5. hey says:

    ok just starting

  6. cucio says:

    Complete! Nice art and sound, very straightforward logic.

    I only had trouble finding a couple of hot spots:



    Be aware there is also a couple of places where you don’t get anything, or have to do anything.

  7. monte says:


  8. monte says:

    where is wedge

  9. Asia says:

    Ok, I have Show

    and stuck :P

  10. dArkArtIst says:

    got garlic, small torch, hammer and parchment (“black heart will perish staked through in circle of salt”). check out tree behind house, in a hole, there is parchment.go to the watermill wheel (access it clicking on the upper-right side on the house-road-lake view), and click on the upper-right side of it, and in that “lake” you will find ladder.use ladder on house roof, hammer on roof-sticks-things, enter into the house.take small torch from fireplace.on front house and fence view, click near the fence, and go to strange-cave-thing (like a underground store or something) and use torch.take garlic.stucked in here… can`t take cucumbers in salty water in the barrel (house basement).

  11. ff04oon says:

    second scene, left corner of house

  12. dArkArtIst says:

    can’t find wedge…

  13. dArkArtIst says:

    sorry for my english…

  14. morbid says:


    but I’m stuck there

  15. monte says:

    i got the wheel to turn and fill everything with water

  16. monte says:

    put garlic on door in the cave

  17. dArkArtIst says:

    got wooden stake (house backyard) click on the wood-chopping-base, then click on that door edge, near that… like a stick… seems we’ve got to kill a few vampires… hope so… lol

  18. dArkArtIst says:

    where are holy water, and wedge? can’t move wheel…

  19. monte says:

    i got salt water and holy water

  20. monte says:

    put holy water on stake

  21. monte says:

    i got a lever from the house and used it on the wheel

  22. dArkArtIst says:

    got salt and holy water.put holy water on stake.

  23. Siobhan says:

    In the basement Show

  24. monte says:

    put salt water in fireplace

  25. monte says:

    i got salt, but now i am stuck

  26. N0ise says:

    i`m in the room with the vampire.I made a circle with the salt from the cucumbers, but for some reason I can’t kill him.Also I found a map of a town.

  27. dArkArtIst says:

    missing wedge, 2nd piece of paper…

  28. monte says:

    put black carbon on door to make a cross and then you can enter…

  29. Asia says:

    put carbon on door in cave

  30. dArkArtIst says:

    then light up candle with torch

  31. dArkArtIst says:

    got 2nd piece of paper… must i take the body with me? lol

  32. monte says:

    affter you lite the candle i am stuck

  33. dArkArtIst says:

    scene with coffin, put salt around it…

  34. dArkArtIst says:

    then stake on heart, and hammer..

  35. N0ise says:

    I got it!Use the Holy water on the stick, then you will be able to use the stick on the vampire..

  36. Asia says:

    use hammer

  37. monte says:

    finished. gret game

  38. dArkArtIst says:

    cool game… Mateusz Skutnik and Co. are genious! love their games!!!

  39. ff04oon says:

    where you found the black carbon?

  40. dArkArtIst says:

    i want to know about that wedge… wasn’t it the stake?

  41. dArkArtIst says:

    balck carbon on the house roof…

  42. morbid says:

    finished. here is the walkthrough

    I hope it will be usefull

  43. N0ise says:

    Then use the hammer on the stick and it`s all done

  44. dArkArtIst says:

    into the chimney…

  45. ashley says:

    morbid i can’t find the stick u have to put the holy water on .. were is it?

  46. heather says:

    so where’s the holy water?

  47. ashley says:

    never mind found the stick now i can’t find the place were u get the gralic? and is the stick soaking in the holy water the torch???

  48. Andy says:

    The stickShow

    The holy water Show

    I can’t find the garlic, though.

  49. Andy says:


  50. hilman says:


    thanks for the walkthrough.
    but you forgot to mention on no. 22

    Edit: walkthrough updated. Thanks.