Bug War

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Bug WarBug WarBug War is a strategy game from Art Logic Games with added tower defense elements.

Your goal is simple: colonize and annihilate the enemy!

“Enter the territory of hungry ants and roaches! Total elimination of the enemy is the only way to ensure survival of your species.

Click your colonies individually or click and drag to select multiple colonies. Click a neutral or enemy colony to attack.

Build defensive towers to protect your colonies from invaders.”

If you like games like Nano War or Phage Wars, give a try to Bug War. Like in most games of this type, the AI is pretty weak. But the game is addictive enough to keep you busy for a while!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.07


15 Comments to Bug War

  1. randy says:

    3 increased speeds will evolve into an ant
    3 increased strengths will evolve into a beetle
    I’m not 100% on these next two but
    2 strengths and then a 1 speed should give you a roach
    2 speeds and then 1 strength should give you a hopper

  2. Tasselfoot says:

    3 Part Video Walkthrough… also featured in the game:

    Levels -7
    Level 8
    Queen’s Lair



  3. Reka says:

    This game is very annoying. About half the time when I select a node, it doesn’t believe me. This, combined with the crappy graphics which make it very hard to see which node(s) are selected, make it so it’s very easy to get into an “off by one” error situation, where your ‘to’ and ‘from’ nodes are switched.

    Oh, and the “level ups” that appear right in the middle of gameplay are just a Very Bad Idea. At least twice, I chose a power-up that I didn’t intend to, because I was still frantically trying to convince the game that yes, I really did want to select THAT node.

    The towers seem to be a useless add-on as well – I swear, they’re weaker than the units you need to sacrifice for them.

  4. Solanin says:

    for the problem with the node you can click and drag over several nodes at once which is really useful… as well the towers are crucial in the last level when playing with the beetle… I have all the achievements but one… Larva Killer, Ant Breeder, Badge Hunter, Beetles Fan and Queen slaughter. And am not sure how to get that last one yet…

  5. lev says:

    this is one of the least fun games i’ve played

  6. Dafingo says:

    What are the Medals?

  7. Northdene says:

    The 1st one is kill 1000 enemy larvas

  8. Rockstar says:

    Larva Killer: killing 1000 larvas
    Ants Breeder: colonizing 2000 Ants
    ??? : ???
    Badge Hunter: 66.666+ Pts.
    Beetles Fan: colonizing 2000 Beetls
    Quees Slaughter: killing the Queen

    Does anybody know what’s the last achievement or how to colonize hoppers?
    I’ve tried every kombination of strengh and speed, but i always get ants, beetles or roaches.

  9. See says:

    okay.heres the facts:
    for Ant stack speed
    for Beetle stack str
    for Roach its 2 str 1 speed
    There is no known way to get a hopper

    there are 6 medals-
    1:Larva Killer : Achieved for bringing 1000 enemy larvas to their end

    2:Ants Breeder : Achieved for successfully colonizing 2000 units of ants

    3:Life Trader :Sacraficing your colony for 100 towers (I find that lvl 8 is easiest for this, the 4th achievment)

    4:Badge Hunter : Achieved for scoring 66666 of total points

    5:Beetles Fans : Ahieved for colonizing 2000 units of beetle

    6:Queen Slaughter : Achieved for killing the queen in bonus mode

  10. Rockstar says:

    many thanks!

  11. Ryo says:

    how do you get points?

  12. lAmebAdger says:

    Good game! could’ve had more extras and options though

    soooo, the towers really bring variety into the levels (if you’ve been trying to get past an enemy chokepoint for the last 30 minutes you’ll know just how important they are…)

  13. speedyfinish says:

    my words of advice s use the roaches (2 strength lvl ups and 1 speed lvl up). u beat the 8th lvl soo fast and u beat the queens nest so easy

  14. sphinx2012 says:

    I really actually like this game a lot and wwant to play more games like it.

  15. sphinx2012 says:

    any suggestions?