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LightsLightsLights is the fifth Room Escape game designed by Neutral from Japan, the author of RGB, Sphere, Vision and Switch.

“Let’s escape from this skylit room by finding items and solving riddles.

I think note and pen are necessary for solving” the author said.

As usual with Neutral’s games, Lights is beautifully done, and if you enjoyed the previous games, no doubt you will like this one as well!

Have fun!

Please be patient while the game is loading…

Lights walkthrough (thanks Moebius!)
Lights video walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

current rating 4.38


136 Comments to Lights

  1. barnabas says:

    Any1 playing?

  2. Emmy says:

    yes me

  3. barnabas says:

    I’m stuck with the code box beside the flower pot. Any idea?

  4. Sylli says:

    Hello’ve also started grad:


  5. Sylli says:

    yellow box on the place where binocular stand, make

  6. Sylli says:

    Code for a sofa, is located at slip vase on shelf…even more do not know

  7. Pubaxa says:


  8. Luke says:

    that’s funny
    english version is written as “chinese” in hanji

  9. Emmy says:

    i’m stuck i have no idea what to do i’m in the part where

    help anyone?

  10. dang it says:

    Emmy, I’m stuck where you are.

  11. Emmy says:

    well good to know i’m not alone

  12. barnabas says:

    im out with both end!

    Emmy, for the duck get code afterShow

  13. Emmy says:

    ok thats fine but i need the code for the yellow box i’m thinking it has something to do with the pictures or sumthin

  14. jorthesam says:

    I must be especially thick…what does the picture with the sofa to get the screwdriver out MEAN?

  15. barnabas says:

    The yellow box code comes in only very much later after u got the key

  16. Sylli says:

    Only know code behind image:


  17. Emmy says:

    ok but the what do i do next i can’t play the game i need another battery already got the one from the little white box

  18. barnabas says:

    Hi Jorthesam, it means you must find a tool 2 grab hold of thye screwdriver b4 d gate close.

  19. jorthesam says:

    Is that a TUBE? am i sposed to roll a bullseye down it? i mean…li’l help?

  20. jorthesam says:

    Oh bless you barn! sorry for simul-text

  21. barnabas says:

    Emmy, have u got eh screwdriver yet?

  22. dang it says:

    I finally got a little further. You need the screwdriver to take out the screw from the top of the cabinet behind the pic, then move the cabinet, open the door to the left and use the symbols to figure out the tic tac toe game after which you use that answer on the lamp. Whew, what a run on sentence!

  23. Emmy says:

    yeah and i already unscrewed every screw with philips head
    but after that am totally stuck

  24. dang it says:

    Okay, the duck game is about to drive me right up the wall.

  25. Sylli says:

    Rooflights is a code, perhaps for sofa?
    Keep binoculars on frame …
    Suppose, since O label on and off X means O must be entered, just do not know where?

  26. barnabas says:

    Use code from the hidden dr ledge with the tic tac toe and hint paper behind the pot.

    Still stuck?

  27. Emmy says:

    thanks i got it now am on the green arrow thing am not sure what to do with that one

  28. Emmy says:

    nm got it :P

  29. Emmy says:

    wow but now i am stuck am i supposed to to this all over again in the second room or what?

  30. barnabas says:

    There’s 2 ending. Once u in 2nd rm, u r near 2 d end.


    and use itShow

  31. Emmy says:

    finally am out

  32. barnabas says:

    sorry guys, i’m off. Here’s a hint 4 d 2nd ending if u r still playing. ;>

    use codeShow

    use thing from chestShow

    Go front dr and lift up the wooden panel which hold the key b4Show

    Exit thru Show

    Hope this help. ;>

  33. jorthesam says:

    Thanks barnabas…you’re a sport!

  34. pouf says:

    can’t find the batteries

    and i don’t understand how to get code for the yellow box

  35. Lizzy says:

    Where is the Show


  36. Lorbe says:

    I Have Show

    But How Do I Show

  37. Lorbe says:

    I’m Seriously Stumped.

  38. Sylli says:


    depends on the cabinet key, white box and open makie

  39. pouf says:

    btw, how do you open the brown cabinet (with the roman numbers) ?

  40. Sylli says:

    I clearly do not come with lamp and Tic Tac Toe game from battery to bulb to light?
    Can someone please explain!

  41. Lorbe says:

    How Do You Open The Gren Box Show

    But Do You have To Turn It A Special Way?
    Is It Something To Do With The Show

  42. Mila says:

    where is the ball I can throw in the lamp? And the green box is a mistery to me.

  43. Lorbe says:

    I Opened The White Box And Played The Game Thing But Now What Do I Do?

  44. Lorbe says:

    Never Mind I Got It (:

  45. Lizzy says:

    For the lamp you need 3 things Show

    To use it Show

    If done right you get a Show

  46. Hannu says:

    How do i get the screwdriver?

  47. Hannu says:

    I have the hook.

  48. Lella says:

    I am stuck!
    I have no idea what to do with Show

    And I don’t know what to do next! Please, someone help me.

  49. pouf says:

    thanks lizzy, i have the first battery
    where is the 2nd one?

  50. Prid says:

    Great game! Sylli, the code you entered, DCAAB, wasn’t correct for me. Mine was ABCAD. So I think the code is random!