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ClickplayClickplayClickplay is another Point’n’Click puzzle game inspired from games like Hoshi Saga where you have to find and click the Play button in order to proceed to the next level.

Upon completion you will receive a Medal Rank if you manage to finish the game with few enough clicks!

Have fun!

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Clickplay video walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

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Clickplay walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

current rating 4.00


68 Comments to Clickplay

  1. Fanny says:

    I’m stuck at Thyme, Parsley, Rosemary and Sage – whats up there?

    • Vendetta says:


    • Lilith says:

      im playing the same click play like everyone else but im playing it on the diif is, instead of the car in the 2nd level im getting 4 blockks and u have to spell play in order to get to the next level. do i even have the right game ?!?!?!?!

  2. Mandy says:

    Thats where I am stuck too. Any help anybody?

  3. Mandy says:

    Fanny Show

    found this out by just keep clicking

  4. Fanny says:

    Yeah, brute force…

  5. Fanny says:

    Now need to move the chess-horse, but cant get all tiles lit.

  6. kara says:

    cant get past the 1st level with car and rocks

  7. Mandy says:

    what did you do with the stars? I cant light them up quick enough

  8. Fanny says:

    I’m through – 431 clicks.

  9. Fanny says:

    Kara: Show

    Mandy: Show

    • Lilith says:

      star level really pissing me off!!! cant get past it . i click on the stars but its like they wont light up!!! i have to click on them a million times b4 they do!

      • Izzybabyz says:

        You have to Show

        Hope I Helped! =D

  10. Mandy says:

    Fanny Im stuck on the chess horse as well

  11. Fanny says:

    yeah, at the chess board i just took one step forward and one back to clear my path behind me and eventually i got it.

  12. kara says:

    thanks fanny

  13. Fanny says:

    Did it in 332 the second time :)

  14. Prid says:

    Video Walkthrough

    Don’t forget to subscribe =)

    And the admin should write that this game is from!!


  15. Mandy says:

    Stuck on the curtain with the hook. Is their anyway to slow down the hook?

  16. Fanny says:

    Not that I know of. Just be quick :(

  17. Tasselfoot says:

    walkthrough vid coming up in ~1 hour. 208 clicks. there are multiple scenes where the order is random though…

  18. Prid says:

    Text Walkthrough:


    Enjoy! I hope this was helpful :D


    PS: If you do what I said in this walkthrough, you may get the Gold Medal!

    • Adhd is not easy says:

      Ok that was NOT funny! I have adhd and I got it without looking at a walkthrough. Some of those things are hurtful to people. Try not to hurt people. Seriously, look at what your writing so you dont hurt people like that. its not easy having a disorder.

    • johanna says:

      no, at level 6

    • sally says:

      thanks you really helped!!!!!!!!!

  19. jojo says:

    Scarborough fair is an old English traditional, also sung by Simon & Garfunkel. If you don’t know the song just have a look at the lyrics you’ll find the clickable herbs in a certain order…

  20. jojo says:

    feel real stupid but got totally stuck at almost twins missing the fifth difference – have found

  21. Tasselfoot says:

    Video Walkthrough

    Pretty fun game… I really enjoy this genre of games. A few of the levels were pretty frustrating though. Hope you enjoy the vid, I got a bit of good luck on a few of the levels that I usually had more trouble on.


  22. Alexa Karuda says:

    Anbody know how to get past the pigs?

  23. Alexa Karuda says:

    Nvm, pop and just clicking really fast….

  24. Prid says:

    You have to see which one that has the highest and the lowest jump. Then click the highest, middle, lowest!


  25. Prid says:

    And, tasselfoot! In the level where you have to drag up the links. The script works like this: When you press two of the links, just “PRESS”, the third one will automatically have the PLAY button on it. So all you have to do, is to click two of the links only once, and then drag the third up =)


  26. Tasselfoot says:

    Good to know Prid… and, wouldn’t have made my vid if I had seen yours… but your comment must have been awaiting moderation, which is why I didn’t see it. Oh well.

    But bah! Stop making vids before me. :)

  27. Prid says:

    Does it hurt anybody if there are 2 video walkthroughs :P


  28. Tasselfoot says:

    hurts my revenue stream. other than that, not really.

  29. Snowman says:

    Yay! 175 clicks! Fun game, too.

  30. Prid says:

    Sorry, I guess :(


  31. monkmingo-monkey+flamingo says:

    this is fun but the chess game is WAY too complicated I try to go to one square it doesn’t let me go there! I try to got to another to get to the next and it changes that block back to black after i go on it so i have to change it back to gray then thats the only spot im aloud to move to and it changes the color again and it does that with every single block! i’m almost finished but Im going crazy!

  32. Reka says:

    For the chess game, keep in mind how the knight (aka horse) moves in chess.

  33. Reka says:

    Oh, and dammit, now I have “Are you going to Scarborough Fair” running through my head. Hmph.

  34. Prid says:

    Monkmingo-monkey+flamingo: Can’t you please read the walkthrough or at least watch this video I made to EASILY beat the chess game?


  35. kasia says:

    I have a problem with heavy thinking level, the first one! i keep on clicking and nothing happens :S

  36. starcal bear says:

    wt are the differences in spot the difference. i got teeth, eye, hand n poke dot. wts the other one???

  37. stezton says:

    I gave up at the stars. I just can’t go that fast. My husband tired, too, and gave up.

  38. Rowan says:

    How to do HEAVY THINKING is click on the 6 a couple of times until it turns to 9 ;-)

  39. Rowan says:


  40. sbby says:

    how do i get past knight moves :(?

  41. joy says:

    the fifth difference in click play ‘almost twins’ level is the stripe on the right horn…the white bit is a bit bigger in the first monster.

  42. she4495 says:

    this is an awesome game

  43. Anonymous says:

    I got 132 clicks! Amazing game! My favourite level is Mega Squeal.

  44. melissa says:

    im sad its over :( that was fun

  45. allie says:

    i am stuck on the monster one almost twins

  46. Beat This!! says:

    I got a zero! Its the highest score for click play!! Show

  47. nonya says:

    the level after almost twins idk the name but can’t pass it!

  48. nonya says:

    nvm i got it!

  49. nonya says:

    now I’m stuck on the chess one btw the star 1 was the easiest one yet SOOOOOO easy!

  50. nonya says:

    got all squares in the chess one except they very bottom left one!