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The X-spotThe X-spotIn The X- spot, the latest game from Robin Vencel, “the task is simple!

Find the X-spot and click it! Play your way through 25 creative puzzles as quickly as possible.

Remember, the X-spot can be represented in any shape or form and at any time during each level.”

The author is right, the task is simple. I would even say ultra simple: just use the Tab key and you’re done!  Robin, if you read this, please fix that asap!

Edit: the Tab key is now disabled!

Have fun!

The X-spot walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

The X-spot video walkthrough (thanks Tass!)

By Eric

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27 Comments to The X-spot

  1. Chris says:

    First! Good game :D

  2. Jon says:

    Cool game, very interesting.

  3. Tasselfoot says:

    Video Walkthrough

    Also partly a speedrun… 90,013. I know I can do it faster, this was only my 2nd run through the game. Didn’t have everything memorized, but I figured over 90k with 0 mistakes was good enough.


  4. mcj says:

    this game i score 86000

  5. mcj says:

    i number 3 in the global

  6. Prid says:


    I am on my way making a walkthrough for this AWESOME game! Anyways, I finally beat your score, Tass. Mine is now: 90.190!!


  7. Prid says:

    This is a walkthrough for those who yet haven’t finished the game :P


    – Bronze –


    – Silver –


    – Gold –


    I used alot of time on this walkthrough, but not as much as I used on Bowja The Ninja walkthroughs! So please send feedback and tell me if this was helpful or not. Pardon if my english is bad :(

    Beat the game as fast as possible and tell me what your score is? And if you beat my score, CONGRATULATIONS!

    My BEST Score So Far: 90.367

    I’ll play the game AGAIN soon and if I get a higher score, I’ll let you know, ENJOY!!


    • Barbara says:

      That was a good way to help someone through the game and you did an awesome job! how did you figure it out?

  8. Tasselfoot says:

    Nicely done Prid… I actually only played the game twice. 1st time was just to beat it, and 2nd time was the run in the video. Normally with pencilkids games I do like 5-6 runs before posting it up… but I figured 90k+ was good enough, and it’ll give people a goal to strive for and satisfaction at beating my times.

    It’s one of my new goals in my videos… give people marks to strive to beat. I think it’ll help secure brand loyalty in watching my videos and subscribing to my channel.

  9. Snowman says:

    My score is 90,289. You really have to get your cursor on the right spot even before it shows up so you can shave off some time. Overall, fun game!

  10. Snowman says:

    90,679. Wow, I must play this too much…

  11. Snowman says:

    90,854. Wait, is that an X over there? Ugh, I’m seeing X everywhere. I better stop for a little…

  12. geez says:

    This is a ripoff of click the red dot…

  13. Tasselfoot says:

    geez: there are a lot of games like that… bart bonte has done a bunch: fields of logic, loose the moose, bark in the dark, duck think outside the flock, me and the key… the buttonhunt games are similar.

    They’re fun and cute little puzzle games. Nothing too fancy.

  14. Katt says:

    I think the Silver Achievement award was probably the funniest. And boy, is the Gold Achievement lame….the sad thing is, I’ll probably use some of those jokes at some point in the future!

    Fun little game though. I like it! Not hard to complete or anything; definitely a 5-10 minute break game.

  15. Prid says:


    Trying to beat my SCORE!

  16. Prid says:

    91.338 – YES!!!! Second Place ALL TIME! I’ll try and try until I beat xXx’s score!!


  17. Prid says:

    YESSSS!!!! After alot of tries, I finally beat the highest score! Mine is NOW:


    My rank is 1 in the ALL section :D


  18. monkmingo-monkey+flamingo says:

    SWEET! I got TOP SILVER MEDAL PLAYER! aka Ampedonwarriors

  19. monkmingo-monkey+flamingo says:

    Gold Medal!

  20. Prid says:

    Great! The Gold Medal Prize is FUNNY!! LOL!


  21. Anthony says:

    i need the code for the level that has 3 numbers…. i cant figure it out

  22. yo'Robot says:

    gah, HELP! how do you pass the level with the three numbers & i think your on a ship or something….
    omg, i dont know how!

    its been bugging my head for like 3days.

  23. squidy says:

    thanx prid
    you are really helpful
    i finally finished and got gold =]

  24. squidy says:

    the code is 8-3-2 if you scrool up prid has all level thingos =]

  25. FlameBlaster84 says:

    i beat all the levels. i used to suck.

  26. FlameBlaster84 says:

    i`m finished