Haunted – The Trapped Soul

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Haunted - The Trapped SoulHaunted - The Trapped SoulIn Haunted – The Trapped Soul, a new Room Escape Game, you drive your car during heavy rain, and you’re late to go home.

“After you hit some… creature… you wake up at a strange place.

Nothing around you, but only that ghostly abandoned house…”

What awaits you inside this house?

There is only one way to know…

Have fun!

Haunted – The Trapped Soul walkthrough (thanks geez!)

By Eric

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129 Comments to Haunted – The Trapped Soul

  1. Abbz says:

    Heyy, you should type in Haunted the Trapped Soul, at Google, you’ll get the complete game manual, as in a movie.
    Which maked it all much easier to follow.
    Damn that game works on me ;)

  2. Elizabeth Green says:

    I think there is a glitch with the padlock. I gave up, I watched the YouTube walkthrough follwed it exactly and it never worked.

  3. Amanda says:

    Ok i am very conufused…can someone give me very specific details on this game?? Like tell me whats first the if the next one is down..tell me how far down i go….PLEASEE

  4. Amuliya says:

    You know what guys…i had a dream about the boy in the game and i had never seen him!!!!!!!!! But then after some days,i click search ‘ghost games’ and while seartching WAM! I GET HALF A HEART ATTACK to see the boy i saw in my dream few days ago!

    • Pips says:

      You must have been scared. I would have started to go to church, and stay out the house for some time.

  5. bmilla says:

    what do i combine wit the plate??

  6. anonymous says:

    Its quite easy really once you get the hang of it but i dont get what happened in the end why did you have to Show

    in the end it was plain wierd!? what was the point of it? answer if u know!!!!

  7. NEED HELP! says:


  8. Lullu says:

    How do I get the recorder?

  9. alleytrouble says:

    the alley has appeared but I just cant go inside, its not clicking