Escape Series #4: The Bathroom

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Escape Series #4: The BathroomEscape Series #4: The BathroomEscape Series#4: The Bathroom is the fourth installment in the Room Escape game series created by Shawn Tanner aka Afro Ninja.

“In the Afro-Ninja Escape Series, there is no plot, no story and no motive. With each installment, you will wake up in a new location unaware of what has just happened. All you know is that you need to escape your confinement. And do it as fast as possible. Explore the area, pick up items to help, pay attention to clues, solve puzzles!”

If you enjoyed Escape#1: The Car, Escape#2: The Closet and Escape#3: Escape the Phone Booth,  you will probably enjoy this one as well!

Have fun!

Escape Series #4: The Bathroom video walkthrough!

Escape Series #4: the Bathroom walkthrough
(thanks Reka!). Another one (thanks streetracur12!).
A last one (thanks Witch!)

By Eric

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49 Comments to Escape Series #4: The Bathroom

  1. hilman says:

    first… :)
    a new game makes me excited :)

  2. Urbek says:



    stuck with

  3. Urbek says:

    Found also:


  4. Yonowaaru says:

    Okay, i’m officially stuck.
    I Show

  5. Mandy says:

    where did you find the Show

  6. hilman says:


    funny, it seems my screen is stuck whenever i flush the toilet..

    btw, got so far

    • person says:

      were is the wrench

      • The Beautiful And Ever So Lovely Erin says:

        its under the tile by the lazor – door.


        sorry it was so long ^^^

  7. pile says:

    found wrench, and key stuck in the fill tube of toilet

  8. Urbek says:



    I can’t find wrench.

  9. Urbek says:

    And my baking soda won’t go to the wash basin. Do we need to close the sink?

    • vig135 says:

      yeah close the sink and hit the hot water, but you wont need to until you find one of the items behind the locked cabinet

  10. hilman says:

    yes, you should close it first.

    still stuck at flushing. does it have buggy? cos mine is always showing the cursor in sand glass mode.

  11. RAC says:

    Here´s what i got …


    • vig135 says:

      read the message again, look at the code on the wall that you scratched off, and look at the mirror…

  12. Sandra says:

    @ Urbek


  13. mee says:

    I´m out :-)

  14. Urbek says:

    Mine flushing works allright.


    Stuck with code.

  15. RAC says:

    How to use code ..


  16. RAC says:

    I’m out …

  17. hilman says:

    well, still facing the same problem
    but i can figure it out anyway (thanks for the hints guys).

    i’m out from this game (literally, lol)

  18. Lizzy says:

    What was the piece of mirror for? I’m out, but never used it.

  19. Marcotica says:

    Yes, what about the piece of Show

  20. AG says:

    that was fun!!

  21. Yonowaaru says:

    For anyone wondering why the last item used was that, yes it really happens if you drop in in there. Anyways, out. This was a nice one, though.



  23. essjay says:

    Final part if you can’t figure it out from Yonowaaru’s comment


  24. Reka says:

    Lizzy, I used the mirror Show

    I don’t think I ever used the floss, though.

  25. Reka says:

    Walkthrough (trying to be as non-spoilerish as possible)

    Examine the room and collect what you can.




    Ok, now you should have the beginnings of a strategy: Show

    Toilet hint: Show

    Medicine cabinet: Show

    You have everything you need to Show

    You also have something with which to Show

    So go use the code already!

    It should be pretty obvious what to do when you get the panel open.

    So now you’re able to Show

    If that’s not a big enough hint, note that Show

    Still not enough? Show

  26. Witch says:

    Here’s the walkthrough:

  27. Tasselfoot says:

    Damn… already THREE walkthroughs.

    Well, here is one in video form:

    Video Walkthrough



  28. DNOMN8R says:

    You can use the

  29. goldie says:

    Out! Thnx All.

  30. DNOMN8R says:


  31. Nate says:

    how to plug the sink??

  32. kakeru says:

    darn, stuck with flushing…it doesn’t end…..what to do?

  33. chloe says:

    all out but i never used the Show

    its was well easy and the pills Show

    good game

  34. pimp says:

    passed it in 2 min 14 sec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Paah says:

    7:44 on my first try… took a while to figure the code out :P

  36. Emz says:

    how do i close the plug in the sink?

  37. Wolvette says:

    Emz: To close the plug in the sink,

  38. Joe says:

    Where is the blow dryer?