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HankoHanko is the latest Room Escape game created by the author of the Three Cats series and the Concert series. There are many cats here and a lot of items to find. I have the feeling that it won’t be easy to escape! The language barrier shouldn’t be much of a problem though. Have fun!

By Eric

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49 Comments to Hanko

  1. Nerenia says:


  2. monte says:

    any luck. i got a few things done, but have no idea about the computer

  3. Anonymouse says:

    anyone know how to move the cat in front of the tv?

  4. monte says:

    you need to get the dvd from the book, then find the remote. plug the tv in on the left and then the cat will jump up and give you the code for the colors on the desk

  5. dmq says:

    the pics on wall are clues

  6. monte says:

    anyone figure out the computer or the little box on the window sill. i can’t get either code

  7. Anonymouse says:

    guess i should watch it all the way through lol

  8. monte says:

    i also have no idea how to move the cat ontop of the drawers near the sliding glass door

  9. Morpheus McGee says:

    I get the feeling we need to be able to read Checker’s diary, which is in Japanese. ~_~”

  10. dmq says:

    cool i’m in a new room

  11. monte says:

    where is the 4th screw, i got three of them

  12. dmq says:

    found one Show

  13. dmq says:

    is anyone else in the kitchen??

  14. Anonymouse says:

    screw- Show

    dmq- yes- fill water pot

  15. dmq says:

    you have to have water to move cat in front of tvShow

  16. Anonymouse says:

    language barrier is a problem- can’t figure out the weather box

  17. dmq says:

    almost out

  18. monte says:

    i got that one, the one next to the door ontop of the little tv thing, and i got another one under the desk

  19. monte says:

    i got the weather from the tv, but have no idea of the order for the box

  20. sue says:

    how do u get in kitchen im the hall with box and large code

  21. Anonymouse says:

    the map on tv shows the kanto region of japan which has 7 prefectures- pointed out in this order- you should be able to match the names to the box
    Kanagawa- 神奈川
    Tochigi- 栃木
    Gunma- 群馬
    Ibaraki- 茨城
    Saitama- 埼玉
    Chiba- 千葉
    Tokyo 東京

  22. Anonymouse says:

    sue- door on left

  23. Anonymouse says:

    so the order on the boxes is-
    7 6 3
    2 5 1 4
    # is the order that prefecture was pointed to

  24. dmq says:

    all screws locationShow

  25. Fanny says:

    Cant get screw under Desk – does the Cat on the chair have to move First?

  26. lml4eva19 says:

    how do u get to the kitchen?? lol

  27. sue says:

    fanny give the cat the orange the screw is at back

  28. Fanny says:

    what do you use the laser pointer for?

  29. Fanny says:

    Oh nvm, got to use it in the hall. Thanks for the hint, Sue ;)

  30. lml4eva19 says:

    is there a screwdriver somewhere? I got the handle on the door but i think the screws need to be tightened!

  31. dmq says:

    anyone know computor code

  32. Anonymouse says:

    Computer code from ruff on eg24

  33. sue says:

    the box thing are knives use them on the red thing from kitchen it says something carnt make it out

  34. dmq says:


  35. Anonymouse says:

    Xenon from eg24-

    Clue for the PC code

    clue for checkers box

    three endings
    1.exit with potato-hanko
    2.exit with true-hanko w/o watering flowers in the porch.
    3.exit with true-hanko w/ watering flowers in the porch.

  36. dmq says:

    thanks sue lol don’t know either

  37. Anonymouse says:

    checkers box- Show

  38. lml4eva19 says:

    how do u figure out the code for the drawer?

  39. sue says:

    its on the tvShow

  40. Mandy says:

    Anybody know the colour code for the desk?

  41. sue says:

    does anyone no how to do the box on the window

  42. lml4eva19 says:

    ya im tryin to figure out the box on the window too!

  43. sur says:

    Box on the window

    Give a thing to the cat next tv: he will go away and you could see the complete video on the tv.
    Order is:


  44. sur says:

    What about the pc user and password?

  45. lml4eva19 says:

    i cant get the tv to work i plugged it in and put in the dvd and clicked the like button things but nothing! lol

  46. monte says:

    you need the remote

  47. wendydarling says:

    walkthrough anyone?

    I can’t do anything without having found it myself…I’m stuck!

  48. kendall says:

    it says………………….501 not extended………………………….what does that mean?