Meeblings 2

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Meeblings 2Meeblings 2Meeblings 2, the sequel to Meeblings is live!

Your goal in this new puzzle game from Ninjakiwi remains unchanged: get the target number of little Meeblings to any of the Way Out signs present in each level.

Just like the original game, Meeblings 2 features 50 levels of increasing difficulty and it introduces a new feature, a level editor to build your own levels! (via an external link)

And just like in the original game, you will need a bit of luck to complete some levels.

Hint: hold down your left mouse button over Chameebling to change it into the desired Meebling!

Have fun!

Meeblings 2 video walkthrough (thanks Tass!)

By Eric

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129 Comments to Meeblings 2

  1. dill says:

    first stuck on level 8

  2. Cor says:

    me too! 8 anyone?

  3. Cor says:

    got it!

    press and hold the spy guy…

    he’ll change to anything you want…

    choose the glasses guy to shut off the fans

  4. hey says:


  5. Cor says:

    17 anyone?

  6. Cor says:


  7. monkmingo-monkey+flamingo says:


  8. monkmingo-monkey+flamingo says:

    omifriggin gosh!

  9. Tasselfoot says:

    Working on a walkthrough… got the 1st 40 levels beat. This game is not easy. Heh.

  10. Toxic says:

    Up to Level 30…

  11. Tasselfoot says:

    currently stuck on level 50… but i’m going to upload my videos for the 1st 40 levels. 1-20, 21-30, 31-40.

    so, if anyone has any advice on 50, i would appreciate it. :)


  12. Katie says:

    stuck on 28…someone please help.

  13. Tasselfoot says:

    Levels 1-49 walkthroughs (will do a separate video for 50, once I beat it):

    Levels 1-20
    Levels 21-30
    Levels 31-40
    Levels 41-49
    Edit: Level 50

  14. Grootmoeder says:

    Thank you Tass for the video walkthroughs

  15. yumi says:

    I’m getting angry with this game.
    I can’t pass level 8, cuz my changing thing doesen’t change to another color beside yellow!!!! >(

  16. Toxic says:

    yumi, u have to keep the mouse button pressed down so the chameebling will cycle through the various options, then u let go when u get to the one u want…

  17. Tasselfoot says:

    I’ll add an annotation to level 8 to explain that… I’ve had a comment or two on the video having similar issues with understand how Chameeblings function.


  18. Sam says:

    I figured level 50 out. Took me forever.

  19. Anon says:

    14 Anyone?

  20. Tasselfoot says:

    I figured it out too Sam… although I did it differently. Got it on video, so if Eric wouldn’t mind adding this (Edit: done!) to my walkthrough of the game:

    Level 50 video walkthrough

    The trick/key to using the Chameeblings as a gravling is getting the hereling to the upper right ledge.


  21. shane says:

    i need help on 15

  22. shane says:

    hey anyone know how to beat the stupid lvl 29

  23. jake says:

    stuck on 15

  24. Fergy says:

    HINT* keep single clicking a yellow or blue meeb. it will make other meeblings fly

  25. ButterFly Babee says:

    How DO you do level 20????/ PLEASEE HELPPPPPP.

  26. Amanda says:

    I need help with 13, can anyone help me?

  27. ButterFly Babee says:

    Errrm.. level 47 anyone? Pleeasee Help! NEEDED can only get 3 in not 4!! HELP! Xx

  28. cheesus says:

    lv 50 (last) is so hard

  29. karebear says:

    on level 26 do u just have to wait?

    • lexiercks says:

      no u have to wait until a orange one hits the brown one then when it falls click on it when it hits the chain things they all fly to that spot ull when pretty fast!!

  30. meitaru says:

    How do u do 26?? i dont get it

  31. Kayla says:

    30 anyone?

  32. playerwhoismental says:

    ahh!!!!!!! cant solve lvl 25 still!. >< hass, please help(before this player gets to the mental hospital)

  33. Kyle says:

    Level 44?

  34. crackhead2009 says:

    well, i beated the whole game

  35. jack says:

    37 this is hard

  36. manderrrrzzzzz09 says:

    i am in love with this game :P
    level 40 is annoyinggg!

  37. rqahael says:

    how do you do level 15

  38. AJ says:

    can get lvl 15 its hard

  39. Jori says:

    i’m stuck on level 15………….any hints?

  40. grrr says:

    someone plz help me with level 15!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Aggy says:


  42. Aggy says:

    Today is 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  43. Gamer says:

    # 15 anyone

  44. Gamer says:

    I BEAT LVL 15

  45. Gamer says:

    lvl 20 is very hard

  46. Lilli says:

    26 anyone?

  47. Lalalandgurrl says:

    HELP!!!! how do u get thruu level 20?!?!? i cant look at the vids cus utube takes 4evahh 2 load!! HELPP PLEAZZZ!!

  48. Lalalandgurrl says:

    Dont worrii i got it LOL

  49. Little_Creature says:

    Help on 28! please!

  50. bad at level 30 says:

    level 30 anyone? please help ive been on it for like 2 or 3 hours.thanks for your help